Fraxel - Took 10 Years off my Appearance - Houston, TX

I started having Fraxel about 12 months ago. Had...

I started having Fraxel about 12 months ago. Had my first treatment on a lower setting because the pain was more than expected. I was going to stop my treatments but one day a friend I've not seen in months mentioned my pores looked much smaller. So I went back in and have had 3 additional treatments within the last 9 months (all at the higher setting). I'm waiting a minimum 8 weeks healing between sessions. The pain is intense but I ask for oral pain management in addition to the numbing cream.

I am 48 and I have an olive complexion. I look great, I recently had my 30 year class reunion and it was such a noticeable difference that one person who didn't recognize me asked me to refill their tea glass. I could easily pass as 10+ years younger then most of them. You could tell the women had their hair done but next to their old looking skin, the age was evident. It was really obvious that I looked considerably younger. My skin just has on overall healthier look.

My expectations were just to remove dark brown age spots, but I ended up with great looking healthy skin, I'd suggest waiting at least 6-8 weeks between sessions so you can see a glimpse of the long term effects. I found that my skin continued to change and look younger for weeks after the sessions. I plan on have at least 2 more sessions this year and 1 session per year as my go forward.

It's a long, painful, and slow process, be patient and you'll see a smoother younger you!

I'll get the pics from the Dr and post for people to see.

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I too am from Houston I was damaged by a professional from Baylor college of med doctor, markus Ramsus, he is nice but lasers no good believe me in two years later long term effects.
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It justs masks the skin fraxel damaging to the skin, I was damaged by this lasers. It a gamble. Listen don't do any more lasers.
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Please email me the name of the doctor you used. Also the names of the ones you decided not to use. Thanks so much!!
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I'm trying to do research before choosing my doctor. Your success seems wonderful....can you please email the information of the doctor you used.

THANK YOU for providing the feedback!
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I would love to see the pics. I just had my second treatment and so far am very pleased with the results. I have two more to go.
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Hi Mark,

Wow looking 10+ years younger is awesome! Especially when people you know from HS don't even recognize you. ;) Your review is great for the community especially the part about pain and being patient. Did you put anything on your face as it was healing? Yes if you could get pictures we would love to see them. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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Thanks for telling us about your experience;I would be very interested in knowing who did your procedures.

Thanks in advance,

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