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I had a mild congenital facial deformity and...

I had a mild congenital facial deformity and weakness on my left chin that seemed to get worse with age because the larger muscle mass the right was sagging more. So over a decade ago I tried fixing it by getting the lower right face muscle pulled up, twice. In the process someone offered a liposuction under the chin and took out too much fact taking me on a long detour to correct that deformity. Eventually, I ended up in Dr. Young Cho's office and he transformed the smaller left side of my face with Sculptra and I never dreamed my face would look this good. So if you have an uneven face, or atrophy anywhere on your face that needs correcting, I would highly recommend a consultation with Dr. Young Cho in Houston. A lot of other surgeons wrote me off as a difficult case but Dr. Cho took the bull by the horns and transformed me into art, and it seemed to come natural to him. I found a before photo from six months earlier and when compared it to my current result, I was super-impressed and want to show it off for the benefit of those who might be wondering if Sculptra can help them; I think it most definitely can in the hands of the right plastic surgeon.

number of treatments....

I was injected with one vial of Sculptra in August 2013, and one in October 2013 by two different injectors. Dr. Cho injected two vials in December and two in the first week of January 2014. I'll probably see more fullness in the next few weeks but that's okay because I dropped some body weight recently and always lose my weight in the face first. Also, Dr. Cho's cost was $50-100 less per vial than the previous injectors, and there was a $100 rebate offer his staff submitted for me.

update requested...

Everything is still going well. It's remarkable how this collagen building treatment managed to get my left jawline even with the right without major surgery. I'm so used to seeing my submental scar line go up on the left and now it goes straight across. I'll post another picture soon but I've been fussing with the submental scarline again, mainly to diminish the dent on the lateral right chin; I'm finally at the point where I realize there's nothing more I can do about that misstep from over a year and a half ago. For anyone considering cosmetic surgery on the face and neck, you must do thorough research on your practioner and then trust your instincts in the consultation. Speaking from the voice of long experience, if the practioner is focused on talking about objective evidence from their own photos just taken on an Ipad (and in this day and age they should all be doing this!) and wants to educate you about treatment options, risks, current research, what's cost-effective and what's going to make you look good in the long run, then you can't go wrong. On the other hand, if someone is merely smiling at you, not photographing, being way too patronizing and as fast as you can because my experience has been they don't really know how to help you but are happy to take your money if you agree to let them try something, and they won't be honest about what they plan to do either. There are too many really fine plastic surgeons out there to settle for being someone's "guinea pig" so keep searching until you find the one whose words ring true with both your reason and emotions telling you they're being 100% totally upfront with you.

Did I already mention..."

Dr. Cho is one those plastic surgeons who will be 100% up front with you. He will only perform what he knows will work because he is current and practiced at what he does. From my experience this is not always the case, so do your research and choose your surgeon carefully!

update requested....

The build up of my facial asymmetry is looking so good people around me are starting to get jealous. I had to remind them of how much I suffered beneath my chin before I was finally given excellent rejuvenating advice and treatment, and that I deserved this pampering from Dr. Cho. So there!

final results!!!

My seventh and final Sculptra injection for correction to asymmetry was last week and I'm pleased with the "baseline." The first photo is September 2013 before any Sculptra and the 2nd is from today after my inection last week. Should probably mention I also had to get a lower face/neck lift to deal with submental deformities that were bothering me and could still be seen when I held my chin up so I found an ENT facial revisionist with lots of face/necklift experience. So my "baseline" photo is the result of 14 years of work on my skeletel asymmetry that I figured could be disguised with muscle lifting on the bigger side (lower facelifts) and volumizing on the smaller side, and with this new necklift revision I feel it has all been worth it...eventhough I hated results from"botches" that ocurred along the way. Thankfully, Dr. Cho and the necklift surgeon both delivered beautiful results with absolutely no botches; and, yes, it was expensive along the way but you're given only one lifetime to improve on a bad deal at birth and I decided better late than never.

total procedure cost...

Two prior injector's total cost was $1,550 plus cost of Dr. Cho's five vials = grand total of $5100 for this facial buildup over less than a year's time, and of course lower facelift work, in case anyone out there is thinking of correcting facial asymmetry with the same treatments. I figure people spend more on new cars and stuff they don't really need and it's all a matter of what makes you happy, so go for it but choose the right surgeons.
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