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Much Needed Help - Houston, TX

I had to find the best possible advice on a...

I had to find the best possible advice on a subcutaneous nodule excision and when I stumbled upon reviews of Dr. Rock on Real Self that were all positive I decided to go in for a consultation with him. He clearly understood my desire to get rid of a floating nodule under my chin that made it look like a drooping chin, which got that way after two other plastic surgeons worked on it. It obviously wasn't going to require major surgery but as far as I was concerned getting rid of it would make a big difference and Dr. Rock sympathized with me. After he explained every aspect of the incision, he offered the work at a price I could afford. I moved forward with the excision and the slight scar has already vanished. Dr. Rock is not the kind of surgeon to rush anything which is what one would expect from a plastic surgeon, although some do rush which is how I ended up with skin and tissue defects in the first place. I had another larger more anomalous subcutaneous lump on the opposite end of the previous chin scar that I wanted Dr. Rock to remove but he was wary of it so I searched Real Self again and found a plastic surgeon with an interest in anomalous lump removals. Dr. Rock's honesty about his comfort level with an unknown lump was very much appreciated, and the fact he went forward with the first lump removal on the right helped empower the next surgeon to take a chance on the left, since both lumps existed due to previous careless doctors. So thanks to Dr. Rock I am now lump free beneath the chin and moving on to taking care of the rest of me!

This photo explains the "much needed help"

Second try...These photos explain the "much needed help"

Omg your the first and only other person I've found on here with the same problem as me!!!! I have a floating nodule on both sides of my mouth right under the jaw line. It effects the appearance of my jawline/neck, making me look bloated and fat no matter how much weight I lose. I've been to 5 different doctors asking for help but it never occurred to me to go to a plastic surgeon! I figured it was only a health issue but now I am totally contacting every plastic surgeon in my city about this! Thank you so so so much for your blog, I am so glad I found this! Thank u!!! Lol
Thank you thank you thank you for posting your review and photos! I can totally see the improvement. What sort of surgery did you have done to your chin previously that caused this?
You're very welcome, Angie! I can see on this website that pictures are more credible than just words so I decided to post the photos. The history of my submental surgery is extensive, starting in 2000 with lipo under the chin that debrided tissue. I was getting a lower facelift to lift muscle on the right side of my face from congenital asymmetry... which by the way, Dr. Rock was the first to suggest was "hemifacial microsomia." The surgeon who did the lower face lift in 2000, that was accompanied by a bad lip he offered for free (you get what you paid for), suggested I had been a twin and that my face could have been squashed in the womb....oh puhleeeease!!!!! Thirteen years later, I realized what a totally lame guess that was, and of course I was not a twin! Later a dental assistant suggested the asymmetry, occlusal cant and weakness on the left chin was forcep damage. So when Dr. Rock came up with the most likely explanation I realized I would chose him for the surgery because everyone else either said nothing or something far-fetched. So starting around 2003 I tried fat injections to fill in the submental hollow from the bad lipo and then someone used Kenalog to even things out but that caused atrophy and thin skin which someone else attempted to repair with alloderm. The alloderm did repair the skin except that surgeon allowed two surgery "fellows," i.e. rookies, to perform some of the work and they messed up the left side. Around 2007 a doc decided to fill in the dent on the left with Juvederm because he didn't want to follow all those bad surgeries and he wasn't a revisionist anyway. So I was treated with Juvederm injections for several years by mostly nurses and ended up with lumps on the lateral left and right that I wanted removed and searched intensively for a real surgery in 2012. You can read the rest of this saga in my post titled "Buyer Beware" when I thought I was going to get my long-awaited chin surgery and was totally misled getting a worse scar on top of the right lateral lump, which by the way I was advised by two docs to complain to the Texas State Medical Board because I lost $2,500 in the process. Turned out the TMB has bigger fish to fry and only slapped the price gouging surgeon on the hand for maintaining an unprofessional medical record on me. The surgeon after him did a "contour correction" but left the subcutaneous lesions, wanting to treat them with Kenalog later on....the K-word as far as I'm concerned! I let him try a few injections but the floating nodule was too tricky to hit so I decided to find a braver soul to remove it and that person was Dr. Rock, and after him Dr. Cho who excised the more stationary lump on the left. By the way, I found both of these docs by reading Real Self reviews for hours on end. Anyway, both path lab reports on the lumps said they were "inflammation granulomas" and the report for the left lump mentioned a "sinus tract." I did have an infection in 2010 and was treat by my ENT doc who I went to for swelling and jaw pain. I told him had a Juvederm injection about 4 months prior. He prescribed an antibiotic and advised to be very careful with future injections and please call his office should I ever experience swelling and pain again! I read on someone's post about Restalyne there is something called "biofilm infection," and I've decided perhaps there wasn't good infection control at some of my Juvederm treatment sessions. So bottom line, I believe my lumps and swelling under the chin were started by mainly poor infection control. I started looking back on conditions at all my injections and incision sessions and the two surgeons prior to Dr. Rock who incised the chin area did not use the same sterile conditions. Dr. Rock swabbed the area more extensively with a different solution than they did and draped before incising, and I'm pretty sure he wore a mask whereas the other two did not since it was a minor office procedure. Following Dr. Rock, Dr. Cho also swabbed well and draped. I'm sure there would be lots doctor opinion to the contrary of my infection control theory but consumers should just know to be extremely cautious and pay attention to every aspect of your injections or treatments, doing your part to keep things clean before and after. Hopefully, patients who read Real Self will find this cautionary tale and be better off for it. I think your community does everyone a great service!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I was about a year out of a remarkably poor aesthetic result on a subcutaneous defect repair and many surgeons were reluctant to help me but Dr. Rock did. He was generous with his time in the consultation and made sure all my questions were answered before I left. He performed a nodule excision and the result was perfect. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a top aesthetic result on the face or body.

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