Orbital Fracture - Houston, TX

I got hit in the eye and have orbital fracture....

I got hit in the eye and have orbital fracture. they told me surgery was an option to fix my sunken eye. the sunken eye is no so much u can bearly tell but my eye does look smaller. what im concerened with is the surgery is and its scarring ..im only 29 i dont want to look deformed ..i need someones opionion on how bad is the scarring..i have no pain and i see completly fine. i just want to see if its worth it since my sunken eye is not to bad


You might want to ask about what kind of scarring to expect in our Doctor Q&A.  But ultimately you will have to decide if you would rather have a scar or a small eye.  Good luck!  Keep us posted on what you choose to do, if anything.

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