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Well hello everyone,I have 7 days in till my...

Well hello everyone,I have 7 days in till my surgery and i am very scared because i was reading very bad stuff in here and plus my doctor said the surgery will be done by local anesthesia and some sedation.I will love to hear from some of you that have done it and what you think about it?I will be letting you know how everything will go and i will put pictures soon.
I had 5 procedures done in the same day, my desire for change and repair was greater than my fear of surgery. I am so pleased I did it. If your not needing it that much then don't do it. The sedation is great and so is the pain medication, thank God for all that
Hi Lildeb,Im happy for you and im glad that u did something that u wanted it.I do want and i am tired of people asking me if im tired and to look older then i am.So i will do it but im just scared.
Thank you guys for the support.I know its normal to feel scared...i have a pre op appointment tomorrow morning and will see how that goes.

Pre Op today...nervous !!!

I am going to have a Pre-Op today and talk to my doctor about the surgery....happy and scared at the same time....i guess that's normal.I will put some pic today before i do the surgery so u guys can give me opinion ,talk later.
Awwww, I hope your fears have calmed. I haven't had anything done yet but I have the same fears as you so I can empathize! Good luck and congrats on your decision :) :) Looking forward to your updates :)
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