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Juvederm Voluma for Tear Troughs -Houston, TX

Well, I'm 40 and have had bags under my eyes for...

Well, I'm 40 and have had bags under my eyes for as long as I can remember. I've been wanting to do something about it for at least the last five years. I turned 40 this past April and began researching my options. I read numerous reviews on thIs site and had quite a few recommendations from friends on plastic surgeons. I did see one of the best in Houston last week to discuss a lower blepharoplasty, i was still terrified of the possibilities, even with his expertise. Well, today, spur of the moment, I called the Institute of Anti-aging, here in Houston to geta consultation and they had an opening for today! I was all over it! I felt very comfortable with the nurse that took the time to explain everything to me, and I mean everything! I decided to give it a go! Yikes! I was scared! I choose juvederm voluma, because it's touted to last up to two years. ... we will see? !! Let me preface this with saying that I hate needles, and am not pain tolerant! A numbing cream Sat on my face for about 20 minutes then it began. ....Natalie (injector) told me not to look at her (tools) so I never once peeked! There was one prick on each cheek, uncomfortable, but not excruciating! A cannula was used on both sides to "fan" out the product, it was uncomfortable, sometimes painful, but I did NOT move! Never opened my eyes! The product was massaged deeply to spread it out, kinda painful, kinda not. It's hard to explain. The true genius of Natalie, I am not bruised one bit. Zero. Nada. Zilch. I was concerned prior that I would have significant bruising and swelling, well, nothing so far! When I looked in the mirror upon finishing, I was astonished, bags gone! I highly recommend these folks!


That is great, unfortunately I am one of the stories you will read about where everything went wrong and that is with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. I'm happy you love the results.
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update on progress

Well, it's been three days, still no adverse effects, no bruising! I'm shocked at the amazing effects! "Affects"(sorry not sure)I wish I had done this year ago! It looked far better on day two than one, guess the product settled a bit, continues to get better!


I had great results too! my skin is ultra sensitive, I bruise easy and I heal slowly... minimal swelling day after and that was it! I had a great Dr and he definitely knew what he was doing... trying to decide if I do the injection again or just have the undereye surgery
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I am considering Voluma for my cheeks to eliminate some of the blue shadows/bags I have from allergies. So with that said, I am not getting it directly injected into the tear trough area just cheeks to sort of "lift" everything. I, like you, bruise SUPER easily and SWELL, SWELL, SWELL. In your opinion, do you feel there is less downtime for juvederm in that area than say, the lips?
4halex, I am so sorry to hear about your results. I read quite a few stories like yours prior to taking this plunge, and quIte honestly, could only hope it didn't happen to me. Why do we take such risks? I don't have the answer. I've read more than three accounts of this stuff being fine, then BAM, 1 year in and your face starts to swell! I will say, I read the horror stories, and have sincere compassion for you and everyone else that has had a complete nightmare with this. I am truly sorry, and can only hope it doesn't happen to me, but I commend you for putting your story out there so that everyone can be informed. Thank you, and God bless.

Natalie was professional, yet approachable at all times. I would recommend her to anyone!

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