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A friend suggested this treatment saying its...

A friend suggested this treatment saying its better than massage and speeds up the recovery post-lipo. I'm willing to give it a try since I have serious hardening on my inner thighs and I just can't stand it! It looks bad and feels even worse than it looks. Everybody says its normal and yo give it time. Some say it takes 4-6 months to return to normal. That is too long to wait. I need to do whatever it takes to get my legs looking and feel better ASAP! I set my appointment for this sat. Since by then I will be 2 weeks post-lipo which is recommended.

Wow, just 2 weeks post op?! Have you consulted with your doctor that performed the lipo to make sure they are ok with you going that quickly? I don't mean to be a worrywart, but want to make sure you are kept safe.


Holding off due to the fact that I dont want to...

Holding off due to the fact that I dont want to kill my fat that was just grafted. This is the best thing for lipo areas but the worse thing for fat grafted area.
Hi Desired1, How did it go? Did the hardening go?? Would love some advice since I'm post op lipo 5 weeks but still have hardening along my sides and cauliflower appearance on my abdomen. I had had lipo to my flanks, abdomen, back and inner thighs. Please tell me that you're all good now?

I had lipo as well all over, had hard lumps as well as a little unevenness and cauliflower look. I highly recommend endermologie, my surgeon even suggested out of LA. I bought the Wellbox due to the spa cost and I use it daily with tons of water. This has made major improvements all around! Good luck!

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