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Decided to Go with a Tummy Tuck, No More Putting It off - Houston, TX

I have considered a Tummy Tuck for over 7 years...

I have considered a Tummy Tuck for over 7 years now and I have decided that 2013 will be my year. I live equally between Houston and San Antonio Tx. I have read alot of reviews from Dr's in both areas but would like as much information as possible. If you are willing to share your physician, costs and results with me, I would greatly appreciate this so that it will ease my mind when making my decision. Thank you.

Welcome to RealSelf.  Happy to hear that 2013 will be your year!!

I am including a link to some of the Houston and San Antonio doctors and their reviews.  

Check this this out and let me know if you have any questions.  From here you will also be able to connect with other patients.


09/06/12..... I had my first consultation on...

09/06/12..... I had my first consultation on yesterday and it went well. I was extremely nervous but the Doctor answered all my questions just fine. I have several appointments scheduled because I don't want to settle for one opinion only. I need to have that absolute faith feeling before I know who my doctor will be. This doctor did tell me I needed to lose at least 25 more lbs so it shall began. Wish me luck!
Hi imsoready,I have a mommy makeover scheduled for Jan. in Houston w/Dr. Chris Patronella...he has a pg on here which also gives you his website address,both of which have pics....very informative online & in person. He also offers the true form tummy tuck at $9800 & if you were to add any additional procedures he gives discounts for each if done together,which is what I decided to do to save money & healing time...since you heal once & done :) Dr LoMonaco is pretty good as well & offers the Lejour breast lift but I was just so impressed w/the true form tummy & Dr P's character & staff he was the right choice for me,but everyones different. Good luck!
I am in the Houston area and so far I love my doctor. My surgery is scheduled for September 17. I went in for 2 consults with Dr. Paul Gill. After the first consult I paid my deposit and scheduled my surgery. Then got home and started reading on here and making a list of questions. I went back in a week later and he was absolutely wonderful. He answered all my questions. I go in on Tuesday September 11 for my pre-op....check my review for information on my recovery...Good luck
Thank you, I will keep up with your progress and pray for a speedy recovery. I will look into Dr Paul Gill as well, thanks!

It's all green light from here on

Well I delayed my TT due to other surgeries that had to be done. I'm completely done and ready to move forward. I have got to lose some a bit more weight however I will continuing with my search to find a doctor that will answer all my questions and without a doubt know that I am in good hands. Any input would be greatly appreciated and my Surgery date goal is first of the new year to start on the new me.

First Appointment

I have an appointment with Dr Morgan Norris in Houston on the 21st, I'm so excited about finally moving foward on my decision. Any comments on this Dr would be greatly appreciated.

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