Damon Braces for $7,200...am I Overpaying?

Okay, so today I went to an orthodontist today...

Okay, so today I went to an orthodontist today that provides Damon braces. I've done my research and those are the type of braces I would like to have. Unfortunately, I was quoted at $7,200! My question to you all is, am I being overcharged? I have no crowding or anything of that sort. My teeth are just slightly crooked and I will be paying out of pocket because my dental insurance will not cover it. I live in Texas and her price is way above the average price. I will be going to another orthodontist that provides Damon braces to get a quote. Please let me know what you think and what you paid for your Damon braces, thanks.
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Damon braces are generally priced about the same as Invisalign (in other words, more than regular braces.)  I was unable to see a real cost map of Damon for some reason, but if you look at Invisalign, you'll get a great ballpark.  I paid about that much for my Invisalign, in the San Francisco Bay Area (which is the most expensive place in the country, generally.)  I was surprised to see that price in Texas, but there is always a distribution.  When the quote you get is too high, it's always a great option to get another quote.  Most places give free quotes, but even paying another $50 would be preferable to paying $2000 more.

I hope you'll check back in with us and let us know if you find a better price.  If not, it's possible that you have some issues that are not crookedness but that are difficult to fix.  But I'm guessing you'll find a lower price elsewhere :).  Good luck!
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Okay, so I looked at the Invisalign cost map in my area to get a ballpark of the Damon braces and guess what? Invisalign is $1,000 to $3,300 cheaper! I will definitely be looking around before I make a decision. I'll keep you updated. ;)
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:D.  Thank you!
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Omg yes that is over priced! Go get other recommendations.
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Yeah, I thought so too. I am new to this site and was blown away on how much others here have paid. Don't get me wrong, I really like the orthodontist and the office was gorgeous...which is probably why I'm getting an outrageous quote to pay for the rent and amenities but I just can't afford to pay that much when it's all coming out of pocket. I was expecting to pay on average between $4,500-$6,000, but not the quote I received. I guess I'll have to get a second opinion on a quote for Damon braces. :(
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