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I am currently in ClearCorrect and I should be...

I am currently in ClearCorrect and I should be complete with my treatment in a few months. I can say I am very pleased so far, I can, as well as others see a big difference in the way my teeth look. I even get compliments on how nice my teeth are! I remember before I started my treatment I would hardly show my teeth in pictures. Now, I show my teeth in just about every picture I take. Once I had a tray that was not initially seating down on my teeth all the way but then after biting down on chewies, which are small plastic rolls, it seated later that day. I have had a revision done where the doctor’s office took new impressions to get my treatment back on track, and it has been fine ever since. I am looking forward to seeing my final result!

Yes the Phase zero 10 working days turned into 30! I have them on now a little sensitive but they are fine. I have an overbite and crowding on my bottom teeth. I had braces as a teen so am familiar with the slight soar ness of the teeth it is not the end of the world. Im just concerned with if this is going to straighten in UNDER a year as my dentist said..
Finally, positive reviews for ClearCorrect! I started my Phase Zero last wednesday and to be honest After doing some research I thought I made a mistake and should have gone with invisalign instead, but I'm happy with my choice either way, I know it will work for the better. Thanks for keeping us posted, I am new at this site and will also be updating on my progress. I am just a little sore on my gums next to one canine I hope it goes away! Tomorrow I am going in for a cleaning and in a week or so I will start phase 1 yey! Wish me luck:)
Thank you IrisM for writing a REAL review. I'm glad that you are getting great compliments. So do you have any pictures that show your results? If not, can you explain what needed to be done and how long it took? I'm waiting for Phase Zero and want to have a clear understanding of what I'm getting myself into! Thanks for being HONEST!
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