CLA Pills!!! Loss Weight Before Ur Surgey

CLA this stuff works lady's !!!! If u trying to...

CLA this stuff works lady's !!!! If u trying to loss weight for a surgery this stuff will give u a boost and movtian, I got it at the mall at the vitamin store since last Friday I had gain weight like 10lbs , I just want to loss weight to get my surgey I was 225 and and went up back to 235 now went back to 225 this morinig it's all natural lady's I thought I would share this with y'all because I know it can be hard to loss them few pounds before ur surgey and to get ur best results and money worth can I add my pix threw my iPhone someone help plz so I can post pix of my belly how much it's gone down
well I went to the vitamin world in the mal by my house to see what I could take to loss weight because I need to drop 40lbs so Dr. Cortes can give me a price on my TT . these pills help u tone and burn fat and tone far I dropped about 10lbs I took them on a Friday by Thursday I had dropped theses pounds :) I go oon my follow up with him on may 29 so ill see what he tells me u should give it a try ..

Hey Girlie,

Thank you for sharing with us:)   I have never heard of this product.  What exactly is in it and how many pounds are you trying to drop?

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