Chin Lipo.. cant see results and massaging hurts bad Houston, TX

Ok.. I need advice. My chin lipo experience isn't...

Ok.. I need advice. My chin lipo experience isn't like everyone else's. some days look better then others. I'm on my 2nd week now so I'm praying it heads up as so many of these reviews have said. Right now Im not sure how to massage it exactly.. It's not fun massaging because its numb on the outside but hurts on the inside like a really bad bruise all over. I can feel the areas inside hard and separated. One piece that I thought was a big gland is down the bottom of my neck sticking out. ??? Is this normal? What did I miss with instructions telling me all this would happen?? How long does the twinge down your neck last too? I'm very happy so far with how it appears and pray it keeps getting even better... But the other stuff is brutal. :(

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It's been about 18 days out and my chin is going...

It's been about 18 days out and my chin is going back to where it was. I've posted new pics. I'm not understanding how it could have looked better the first few days. I still have painful knits to massage. Very upset my double chin is working yrs way back after the pain! :(


Any updates? If it got worse after a few weeks, that's probably swelling. Has it gone down? How is everything now?
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Have you had followup with your doctor? I had neck lift, mini face lift and chin lipo 6 weeks ago. I had to wear a wrap bandage around my chin and head for 2 weeks - 24 hrs...then after that only at night. It has been six weeks and the hardness, and soreness of my chin has very slowly reduced but it is still somewhat sore and not fully shaped yet. From what I read, that is takes time. Has your doctor recommended the wrap? I think that helps the skin to tighten after the fat has been removed. My doctor said no massage..and no heat. Definitely talk to your doctor and do what he/she says.
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Hi Wenry 2004. Your chin results remind me of my own. Have you decided what you are going to do about it? I feel your pain in not getting the results you had hoped for.
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