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2 days post op. I had front and sides of my...

2 days post op. I had front and sides of my theighs done. Cost $5000 + surgical center. I have a lot of soreness but not enough to take meds. Maybe a Ibuprofen occasionally. No drainage which surprised me. My legs are quite swollen and discolored, but no defind bruising. I see some improvement already. Having to ware the garment is not comfortable since I live in Houston, Texas and temps are in the 90's. So far I think I will be pleased with the results.

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Dear Delta1, Thank you for your rating as it really does mean a lot to me knowing that you are happy with your results.
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Hey....I hope all is well n u received maximum results... Please update us....n if possible can u post before n after pictures....thanx
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I'm especially curious about the results on the fronts of the thighs as I'm considering that too.
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I'm so glad to hear you aren't experiencing much discomfort! If you haven't already, make sure to take some time to read through some of the other reviews on here. I think you will see that a lot of the other ladies have talked about seeing good changes right away, but then the results fade, as they were due to the swelling. We are waiting to hear about their final results as they reach the 3-6 month mark, so hopefully we will be hearing about positive changes. Hopefully reading their stories will help fill you in on what to expect so you don't get all bummed out if you notice the cellulite reappearing.

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