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I've lost lots of weight and am a competitive...

I've lost lots of weight and am a competitive athlete. My weight for my training flucuates and my main concern with traditional lifts is they won't hold up over time. I'm having my phone consult with Doc for mini ultimate lift today, and have lots of questions about longevity and how it will affect my lifting and my sport, gaining weight and loosing it and children in the next few years. The main appeal is not having the scars and the over all upper volume as I am wanting to stay about a C which with a good pushup bra is what I currently am...(they just all down without one).


Love my lift from him. The whole point in the internal bra straps is that they hold everything in place whether you gain our lose weight. I had exceptional results and am ever so pleased personally!
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Oh gosh, have you seen the results & photos on here of his latest surgery? My recommendation is stay right away from him!!!
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