I had surgery (silicon implants) in the early '90s. - Very Happy with Results - Houston, TX

I had surgery (silicon implants) in the early...

I had surgery (silicon implants) in the early '90s. They were under the skin and on top of the muscle. The doctor was not a certfied plastic surgen but was recommended by another doctor. I went from barely an A to a D so there was a lot of stretching involved and that part was the most painful. I knew it would hurt but hey, it is surgery so it is to be expected.

After about 2 years, one side started to harden (encapsulate) and after 3 years, the same doctor “re-did” that side but had to use a saline implant. It was ok but did not feel as real.

The doctor died shortly after the second surgery and I did not go to another doctor for many years. Both sides became pretty hard but I really didn’t want to have surgery again. However, during a mammagram, they found that the encapsalation in one breast had opened and the implant was “squeezing” out the opening. It was headed toward my arm pit. Great, a breast under my arm.

I consulted with a highly recommended certified plastic surgeon (this time) about fixing the problem. He recommended saline implants placed under the muscle. Since I knew how different the “feel” was, I decided on silicone but I did have them placed under the muscle. With the skin already stretched, the pain was not nearly so bad. The only pain was from the muscle stretching and that was not so bad. (By the way, pain killers make me very sick so I had to stick to an OTC pain killer.)

It has been 3+ years since that surgery and I am still very pleased. Since I am one of those prone to it, I expect one or both will encapsalate eventually. I had the 2nd surgery when I was 62 and I am now 66. I probably won’t care by then.

If you decide to do this, make sure you have a good doctor (certified) and don’t expect the impossible. There will be some pain. You just have to decide it is worth it to you.

Note: The cost is an estimate of the second surgery.


I am with scrappy37...I know this is old, but hope you can answer. I have cc now - ugh - 15 months post surgery. Prior that this my breasts were fine now one side is higher and harder than the other. My PS wants to take a "wait and see" approach for 3 months as she says it is primarily cosmetic. I don't want another surgery, but I don't like that my breasts don't look the same now. And yes, I am concerned about eventual bursting. Or another cc. Geesh...I thought that I would not have to deal with these things again for another 10+ years!
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Hi CupcakeDiva! I am so sorry to hear that you have CC too! Did your PS say what level of CC you have? I have distortion on my left side and am at Baker grade III. Scrappy
No, she didn't say. She's making it not a big deal. I have a distortion, yes, I thought it was my imagination, but when I went in she said, yes, it has hardened up and the implant has moved up. It's not as hard now after a month of taking Singulair and anti-biotics, but the implant still hasn't moved back down. It's so weird to get it after over a year post-op....which leads her to believe that if I do have surgery again then I won't necessarily have the same reaction. I guess usually people get CC either right after surgery or many years later when the implant is old. The question is: how much do I love my new boobs to get them back "perfect" again? LOL (not really)
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