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I'm very excited for this procedure that I took...

I'm very excited for this procedure that I took the first available appointment, I slightly feel that I am on an impulse because I've been wanting this for the longest time. I am very petite, 4'11 and Im 87 lbs. I wanted a big and yet the same time, a natural look. I am currently a 32A, and I originally wanted a C cup but after testing 2 different sizes, I am considering the 213 cc. I'm indifferent now after the consult as Im hearing a lot of stories about how you should go a little bigger than what you are deciding on because people regret it later on. Now I'm deciding if I should try on the 225 cc of the Mentor gel, which I have not tried on. I'm deciding to call them today at tell them about my concerns an will update as soon as I can.
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From my experience at the consult, it was pleasant. Dr. Vitenas answered all my questions and concern and his staff is wonderful. I'm confident that I have picked the right doctor and I'm excited about my procedure. His office is well decorated and very classic. He comes in wearing a suit which I like that he is dressed to impress, and he's really good at breaking the ice with funny and unexpected jokes to make you feel right at home.

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Congratulations! Sounds like you went with a slightly larger implant. I can't believe you're healing so quickly. Hoping you can try posting your photos again. Keep us posted!

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Were you able to determine a comfortable sized implant prior to your surgery? Good luck today. We'll be anxiously awaiting your update. Happy healing!

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Yes, my procedure was yesterday and I have decided with going for a 234cc! I posted up my before and after photos. Thank you so much! My healing was minimal, I was able to walk around and go on about my day that evening.
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Can I ask yoy questions about your experience? Im thinking about going to him
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