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January 2003 at the age of 18 I had my surgery for...

January 2003 at the age of 18 I had my surgery for my breast augmentation. Initially, I wanted to have a butt reduction because my body was not proportionate and I was insecure about the size of my gluteus. I never had an issue with my breast. I went from a 34B to a 34A due to losing a lot of weight prior to my surgery. I am 5’8 and at the time I was 117lbs due to working out excessively and dieting. I worked hard so I could reduce the size of my butt, and despite my efforts it was always too big for my body. The butt reduction was around $10,000 whereas getting breast implants would cost $3,000. I figured that if I had larger breasts then I would be able to cope with the size of my butt because then I would look proportionate and I will be able to wear dresses. I would always get comments from friends saying my butt doesn’t fit my body and how big it was and that made me even more insecure than the fact that I could not find dresses that fit my lower body like my upper body. I knew that I did not want huge breasts because I wanted it to look natural and I did not want anyone to be able to notice. I looked at several pictures because I wanted to go back to 34B.
The first time I saw them I thought they were too big. I looked through so many photos for several months to see what size I wanted based on women who were the same height and weight. I settled for 220cc because that would be a full B cup or small C cup. The Doctor said that 220cc was not available and they had 250cc which would not make a difference. Well, I was measured at a lingerie store and I was a 32D. I knew that as soon as I got the money that I would get them taken out. At the time I was told and even saw pictures of the wrinkled breast after breast implant removal but I didn’t care. I accepted dealing with the consequences of my actions.
Now, I am 150 lbs. I weight lift and run so even though I am heavy, I am not just fat. However, my breasts feel huge and heavy. I don’t wear regular bras and if I did I wore those ugly stretchy full coverage 34 C bras because the regular ones were too small. I refuse to wear a D cup or bigger. I stick to mostly sports bras, pasties, or bralettes. My sport bras now are extremely tight because I gained the 20lbs over this winter (I am working on losing it).
The only issue that I have with the implants is I lost partial sensation in my left nipple and the right nipple is numb. I can only hope I get sensation back if I don’t then the only person I can blame is myself. After having these implants for 11 years, I am still not comfortable with my body as I should be but I accept myself as I am. I am an upside down spoon and I will have to deal with it. I have silicone implants so I will not know if it was ruptured until my surgery.


It feels great to get them out! I think I've read some reviews where the sensation did return, so there is definitely a chance of that happening. I hope all goes well for you tomorrow. It is a very freeing experience :)
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Hi there good luck with your future explant xxxx all the best
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Thank you. :)

Goodbye implants

I am truly nervous. The doctor’s office called me to go over last minute information and verify I am still going and to see if I have any questions. I did not get this kind of treatment with my last doctor. I really like this team.


Thinking of you today, too! Please let us know how it went. We all have to learn to accept our flaws. It's not easy, but it becomes EASIER as you get older. We are here for you!
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Thinking of you today! Update when you can:)
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good luck!!! Please post an after-photo when you get a chance. No matter what they look like, it will be a relief and you will be so much happier. I know I will be!!!
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Surgery is done

I will post pictures later. It will be a week before I can get my sutures taken out. I cannot shower for the next 48 hours and I am bandaged. I did peek at my breast and they look flat and deflated but I am not the least bit bothered by it. I am tired and have a little pain at the moment. Another member stated to take pain medication right after surgery. I am supposed to take two but I took only took one. That was the best advice she could have given, now I wish I took 2.

I originally had surgery over the muscle 11 years ago. I requested 220cc and the doctor said he did not have that size and I could have 250cc. Well my implant says 325cc. No wonder I hated them. I am not advocating breast implants, nor am I demonizing them. I do believe if he gave me what I wanted then I would have been happier because I would not have had the additional insecurities that large breast gives.
Regardless, since having breast augmentation I have tried to talk women out of getting implants in the past and every single one still got them. I realized that if someone believes that breasts will solve their insecurities then they have to learn on their own that it will not. Our perceptions is our realities. This morning when I stood in front of their large mirror changing into my gown, I saw for the first time what my ex-boyfriend loved so much. I am in great shape and yes my butte is large but it looks good. It's like I found myself in the most oddest locations. I am glad I am myself and I actually love me more than I ever had before. I used to regret having the implants but now I am grateful I went through the experience to truly learn that my insecurities is in my head and I have to love me regardless. I believe some of us need to learn the hard way. In that room by myself with no one to compare myself to, I felt beautiful. Who decided what is a flaw and what is not anyway? I decided today that I am not flawed, I am perfect in my own way and I hope other women start to realize that as well. Embrace yourself as is ladies. Your attitude and personality is so much more important than your body.


Thank you, you are a sweetheart. :)
Thank you. :)

The day after

I have not had my medication yet because I wanted to post pictures and go to the grocery store to get fresh fruit. The pain is not too bad today maybe a 4 out of 10 when not doing anything. When moving around 7 out of 10. The pain is mostly around the sutures. The walk from my place to my car initially was challenging, I felt nauseous but then got over it and felt fine. I am going to take more medication if the pain gets worse. I have been sleeping on my back and side, which is very difficult because I usually sleep on my stomach. That is all for now, I will post more images when the sutures come out or if anything changes.


Looking fab....happy healing xxx
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Thank you. :)
I just did my removal yesterday too! Glad you are having little pain! Rest more! Good luck and best wishes. :)
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Not depressed

I read so many stories and thought I was going to feel depressed, however, I feel so excited about these implants being out. I hope I heal well because I keep touching them and looking at them. They are soft and warm and I just love that I don't have those implants anymore. I am however upset that I can't exercise yet. I love to run and weight lift and I am ready to be healed already. Before I forget, the numbness in my nipples are gone, I do not have all the feeling back yet but there is more feeling than it used to be. I keep getting a tickling or itching feeling in my breast, more so on the right side. I am elated and I did not expect to be so happy about this decision.


I'm glad that you are happy with your decision! I am too. Natural boobies= happy boobies
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Congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing your photos and your story!
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Thank you and you're welcome. :)

Already looking at bras

I went to Wal-mart to fill my prescription and couldn't help but make my way to the children section to get some bras. I wanted to find a smaller sports bra and while I was there I grabbed some 34A bras. I love the sports bra because it is comfortable and snug, it is a seamless 2 pack 34 fruit of the loom bra. I also got the strappy ones as well. The 34A bras are a bit snug but I plant to lose more weight so they will fit better eventually. The worst part of the girls section is that I hate pink.


That 34A bra looks so good on you, so proportionate!
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Thank you. My left breast is actually bigger than the right.
Yes, you look great! I agree.
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No pain

Today I feel fine. There is no pain except in the incision area. I take the painkillers and antihistamine at night because when I sleep the bra sits on the incision and it hurts. I have not had the need to take any painkillers during the day since day 3, however; I needed the antihistamine the doctor prescribed. The only time my breasts hurt is when I bend over without a bra, which, only happens in the shower when I turn the water off and on. I can now lift my hand above my head with minimal pain. I had itchiness all over my breast, mostly on the incision site all week except today. Today, it does not itch as much and it is only on the incision site. I am going to the doctors office tomorrow to get my stitches removed.


Glad you are doing up sending hugs xxx
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Let me know how your scars look after you get those stitches out. Mine are kind of raised and puffy, just wondering if that is normal? Not red really, just raised. I can't for the life of me remember what they were like in the beginning when I got my implants. I just know that they ended up smooth and white, very discrete. Hoping for the same!
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I love your story! You are so right, we are much more than our bodies. You seem beautiful inside and out. Thank you! I'm explanting on Thursday! I'm ready! Please keep the updates coming.
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Dissolvable stitches

So it seems that my stitches are not going to be removed because they are dissolvable. I was told that was the reason for the appointment but it was just a follow up. It seems I need to leave the tape on as long as possible to help the scar stay flat and not raise. I am also clear to start exercising on Monday. I was told to start slow and work my way up over the next few days and that at week 2 I can go back to what I used to do. I am excited!

Posting pictures for 1 week post surgery. I will plan to post more pictures in a month unless I see changes sooner. The skin should retract more but even if it does not I am just happy being me. I have been so proud of not having big breast and it seems like no one notices they are gone. Even the men chasing me have not said anything and they seem to be chasing me harder than before. I do not see how it is not noticeable. O_o I told someone, and they thought I lost weight. :/ I guess i am the only one that noticed my breast size. I am still excited. :D I guess it does not matter if it is a breast explant or a hair cut some guys really do not pay attention. Ha!


You look great!! Look how perky you are already, and this is all you!! I have no views on implants one way or another, although I would never have them, but it's good to see the other side of the coin. I think your review will help many ladies in your situation. No wonder you get chased by the boys, you have a great body, but more importantly you have a great attitude, gorgeous inside and out, good for you!
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Thank you, I appreciate it. :)
You can see improvement already! Thanks for posting your update x
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The gym

I have been running anywhere from 3 miles to 5 miles 3 days a week, I sprint the other days. I also do 50-75% lighter weights and just do more reps. For example I did barbell squats with only 50 lbs added and did 4 sets of 12. This is the second week that I am exercising and today was leg day. I did even lighter weights (20 additional lbs) for the barbell squats but I did 8 reps of 10-15 and 2 reps of 8 with 50 additional lbs. The bar weighs 45 lbs. I also squat past parallel.

So far, my skin has retracted a little but not by too much. The breasts are firmer than they were the first two weeks. The stitches are still sore to the touch but not as itchy or annoyed by the bra. The breast looks smaller, I am assuming some of the swelling has been reduced. I have not had any trouble with weight lifting except when I was doing the bench press exercise. I overextending my arms a little and it felt like I was pulling my stitches. That only happened once but no issues aside from that. When I work shoulders I do military presses and I was able to do them with no problem. So I can raise my hand above my head with ease now.

Friday night after my last update and Monday May 19, I had twinges of pain in the right breast near the center of my chest. It was very painful but it only lasted about 1 minute. I have not had any more pain and not looking for to any that feel like that. I wear two bras when I run because the skin for my breast is still loose and I want to reduce the movement when I run. That is all for now. I have been cleaning and sorting because I am moving soon so I have been extra busy.


Was your surgery done under local or general anesthesia?
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And you look great!
Local anesthesia.

30 days and not much change

I do not see any difference in my breast from 3 weeks ago. My incision has been itching pretty badly the past few days. Initially, I had the tape from surgery on them but then shortly after taking pictures one of the tapes were peeling, so I decided to go ahead and take both of them off. I now have the scar away on them. Before, I put the scar away on the incision I had to clip the thread that was hanging out of my body. I did a terrible job on the left side because when I was taking a shower I noticed I did not cut it close enough and when I swiped the area the little piece sticking out pulled and it tugged at my skin. I cannot see the area well enough to try and clip it any further, I am also afraid to cut myself, so I am not sure what to do about that. Other than that I have been fine. I workout as normal and it seems the scar on my left side is better than my right side. The 34A bra does not fit. I need to get a 34 B bra but I have not had the time so I just wear outfits that hide my sports bra. I take antihistamine to help with the itching. I try to take extra vitamin C and zinc to help with healing but I forget to do so. I will update my pictures in about 2 months unless there are changes sooner. Take care ladies.

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Overview/ Re-cap

I had breast augmentation in January 2003 at the age of 18. I received 325 cc even though I thought I was having 250 cc implanted. The implant was over the muscle. I had partial feeling lost in the left and right breast. More feeling was lost in the right breast which felt mostly numb. I had the implants removed May 9, 2014 under local anesthesia. I did take a Valium before the surgery. My medication was hydracodone and promethazine (antihistamine). I have all the feeling back in my nipples now (Yay!). I have had painful twinges about 3 times but not in the past 3 weeks. I was a 34 B throughout high school until I lost over 30 lbs then I was a 34 A. I was a 34 A at the time of my breast augmentation. After, my breast augmentation I measured at 32 D, however, I did not continue wearing bras unless they were the bralettes or the stretch material so I do not know how large I was when I gained back the 30 - 35 lbs. I am currently a 34 B 30 days post the explant surgery. I am elated that I have no more implants!


Your story is very close to my own. I had the implants taken about almost a year ago in the office under local anesthesia and with Xanax or something - maybe valium - can't quite remember. Anyway I had the implants for almost 30 years. Unfortunately for me, after a couple weeks I noticed that there was a hardness at the top on one side. Then the other side followed. It kind of looked like I was wearing a push-up bra. Went back to the surgeon. He tried pricking with a needle to see if it was fluid. Apparently not. He suggested I go have a sonogram and mammogram to confirm it was a capsular contracture. Well the sonogram alone fee was $800. No idea of the mammogram fee. I had just had one so my insurance won't pay until this year. They most certainly will NOT pay for the sonogram either. So since I can't afford to go back into surgery and spend who knows how many thousands have the capsules removed, guess I will just have to live with it, which is so disappointing. I still have the same problem of having too large of a chest, but have no implants. How ironic. BUT for those couple weeks before the hardening happened, I really did feel great to be rid of those things. My insurance (Blue Cross) pays nothing at all if anything is a result of breast augmentation. Bummer really.
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Sorry to hear that. I find it interesting that your breast would react that way after a year. Does the breast hurt? Did you massage your breast in the past year? I massage mine but not sure how I am supposed to. I used to massage them with the implants and did so for the past 11 years so I am used to just massaging them. My doctor did not mention anything about massaging them though. Medical insurance to me is horrible, sometimes it seems pointless.
Looking fabulous!
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Itchy Incision

Towards the end of my bandages life, my incisions started itching pretty badly. After taking the bandages off, I went without them for a few hours and then decided to put the Scar away on them. I wanted to go a day without anything on the incision but that did not happen because the incision where I snipped the thread on the left side, hurt too much with every movement. I think it was also irritated when I swiped that side a few times in the shower. The itching became worse with the Scar away. It has only been a couple days and I could not bear it anymore. I decided to go to the store and get paper bandages (I couldn't find steri strips). I put that on the incision mark and the itching practically went away immediately. The paper bandages I bought from Walgreens were only $4.49 and much cheaper than Scar away. I wish I didn't waste money on Scar away because I cannot use them. I am probably going to keep the bandages on there for a few months to prevent irritation from my sports bra rubbing on it during my work-out and to help the scar lay flat.


I was reading through your posts and maybe I missed it, but how long did you wait until you went back to the gym? Im a total gym junkie and have a hard time taking time off from the gym haha. I went back 3 weeks after my BA. I think it is awful that your surgeon put a larger size in your chest then you thought. I wouldnt be suprised if I had larger implants in also. I started at a very small 34B and I now wear as 34D or DD. My implants are only supposed to be 265CC which is not a large implant and I feel like it should not have brought me up to as large as I am.
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I went to the gym after 1 week. I wrote about the exercising in my post titled "The gym", that was a 17 days post. You will definitely know the size after surgery. Tell your surgeon you want to keep them. You can use them as freezer packs. When I need to stretch my shoes I put them in the front of the shoe and put the shoe in the freezer overnight. I then take them out the freezer and let it thaw for the remaining day. You can try the shoes on after 2 hours if you like. It works really well and since you have two, then you can put one implant in a shoe and the other implant in the other shoe. :)
I did not massage them at all. My PS didn't mention it. But as I said it's been a year and the hardness at the tops are still there. Sort of the size of small lime, I guess. Defeated the whole purpose. So I will get my regularly scheduled mammogram in the new few weeks and I will let both my gynecologist and the radiologist know about it. But as I said, I don't have a few thousand dollars for the surgery so that will be that. Matter of fact, I was so bummed after having just spent $1500 for removal that I didn't even ask the surgeon the cost. Just numbly left the office.

Daily Inspiration

"I had to grow to love my body. I did not have a good self-image at first. Finally it occurred to me, I’m either going to love me or hate me. And I chose to love myself. Then everything kind of sprung from there. Things that I thought weren’t attractive became sexy. Confidence makes you sexy. " Queen Latifah

At the end of the day it is not about what you look like but how you make others feel. People do not pay attention to the details of our bodies like we do. However, they remember if they thought we were rude, a jerk, nice, generous, funny, or weird. Imagine the amount of people we had in our classrooms or jobs that we saw on a daily basis for several months and completely forgot what their face looks like. Be the best person that you can be, make a positive impression on someone and love yourself and others will love you as well.


Thank your attitude and outlook on life. You look so good...I can only hope to have your results. Thank you for sharing...very much appreciate it!
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I was inspired by your story, thank you for sharing. I have found myself going through similar journey of getting over insecurities and loving myself as I am. I still have setbacks at times and encouraging words of wisdom as in your post are helpful to get my head right. Best wishes to you
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Not much has changed

I meant to update this post after my 3 months post op time-frame, unfortunately, I didn't have internet for a month so it has been 4 months now and my breast looks the same but the skin has retracted a little. In all my breast looks the same except that the nipples do not cave in as much which I notice when I take my bra off. The scar has flattened out and does not feel as thick anymore. I don't feel any twinges or tenderness and I still lift weights but now I sprint as opposed to running long distance.


Thank you so much for sharing your story, it is inspiring. I had my implants put in at 18 and just removed last week after 15 years!! I'm waiting for the big reveal, my bandages are still on. I hope I look as good as you do, you look great! I figure no matter how I look, I will not regret the decision to explant. I regretted my decision for implants every day for 15 years and refuse to do that to myself for the next 15! I went back to work today and no one seemed to notice the change. It's just like you said, it could be a boob job or a hair cut, no one notices! Good luck with your continued recovery and have fun working out, can't wait to start!! Thanks again for your post!
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Congratulations on having surgery without any complications. I am glad you were able to get your implants taken out. I know how it feels to want to get something done for so many years. The relief is amazing. Soon you won't even remember the implants. I wish you the best on your recovery! Thank you for the kind words. :)
You look great - thank you for sharing the update pixs!
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Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Norris has a really relaxed demeanor and I felt comfortable with him. He and the staff were very patient and answered all my questions. The only issues I had is that there was a long wait on two of my visits due to two employees being sick and a lack of consistency. Unfortunately, the employees calling out is not the fault of the doctor however, I was in the waiting room for 2 hours on one of the visits. The lack of consistency is due to getting different information about when or if I can exercise from the staff and the doctor. The information book had different information as well. Besides that he was very professional and did a great job.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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