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I had my first breast augmentation in 1997 i was...

I had my first breast augmentation in 1997 i was very small and athletic. I had no breasts at this point and really didnt need to wear bras. I had implants put in at 300cc and loved that size. Around 2000 i noticed that the left breast was falling and moving outward. 2002 i had them redone and they took me to 500 and 525cc. They said i had to go bigger to fill in the pocket that it had mad by doing this. The doctor also stated that they put permanent stitches in to keep it from doing this again.

Well here it is again and the left implant has moved again and has been this way for the last couple of yrs. And the right looks like it is bottoming out and is real stiff and has a hard knot or bump on the outside and the emplant doesnt move at all and is starting to look deformed and the nipples are uneven in a bad way and getting worse. What do i do? I dont want to go bigger. Reason why is im 5ft and 107bls. I dont want to be all boob. Infact i would love to go back to 300 to 350cc. But if its going to keep doing this why bother. Would it be a bad idea to just take them out? I was told its my fault that the implants keep doing this. Im sad because i love them and would love to keep them.

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I would travel if its not that far. And if the doctor was that good. Who is your Dr. and where?
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Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. Sorry to hear things aren't going well again. You may want to post your questions along with a photo in the RealSelf Doctor Q&A. Although a doctor can't fully examine you online, they can provide you with some suggestions, feedback and perhaps insight. Keep us posted...we'll be here to support you!

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How is it your fault?
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They are saying due to being a firefighter and having to lift heavy things and strain that it was possibly caused by that. I dont get it. Especially after the second set with having permanent stitches put in on the left side.
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U could get an internal bra done and downsize a little? The recovery is pretty painful though but it's def. Worth it!
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Are you familiar with this procedure? If so would you mind sharing and explaining it to me? I would really like to hear more about this. Especially if it will work.
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Yep! I had and internal bra done 6 months ago before I had my revision 3 weeks ago to increase the size: my last Ps did the internal bra for me; I wanted my implants to sit up higher and not fall to sides; especially when I was lying on my back in bed; he used 2 rolls if internal stitches to my ribs to hold the implants in place; I love my internal bra; my new Ps increased my breast size but he had to adjust the internal bra slightly to accomodate the new size; my breast are very soft to the touch and they sit up high; which I like; the recovery of the internal bra was very painful; it took me 1 month before I started feeling like myself again; but it was so worth it; the internal bra is a little pricey; but u will be happy with the results;
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Why are they saying its your fault?
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Do your research and find a PS who has experience in doing revisions. Are you willing to travel? My PS is really awesome and has fixed other PS's botched surgeries. Look around, check the Internet and talk to people, you will find someone that will be able to help you
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