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I am a mother of four, thirty-five years old. I am...

I am a mother of four, thirty-five years old. I am intrested in a tummy tuck, fat transfer to the butt and a breast augmentation. I have been doing research for over six months now. But I'm afriad that I might not be able to afford it my credit is fair like 650ish.. any suggestions. Should I do one procedure at a time??


ur welcome .hopefully u get APPROVED!!! but for sure I know that's how it works cause they think u are in to much debt so u cant really pay for what u are trying to get, even if u make good money . but at least try to put a down payment to like 2,000 to 3,000
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Hey Swebebe... no I dnt have any open accounts just my car. Everything else is on my husbands credit.. He's the one that makes more $. So we dnt really use mine and I'm glad now we don't. Hopefully I will get approved. Just gonna wait and apply till I go get my consultation. Hopefully next month I will schedule it, cause in october we have my step-daughters quincenera! Thanks for the advice boo
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hey girl I think they will approve u and I hope they do good luck .. like do u have open account's with macy furniture etc stuff like that will affect u but it u just have that cs u good boo
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