2 months to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Houston TX

I have seen 2 doctors now and still can not decide...

I have seen 2 doctors now and still can not decide. I have been debating this for 1 year now. I'm worried the results will not be good enough for the money. I am 5'5" 148lbs and the doctor suggested I gain 5-10 more. My husband like huge butts but I'm not looking for a Kim Kardashian butt. I will be returning to work after 1 week. For those of you who have done this please let me know if it will be possible to return so soon. Help me decide.

So I paid my deposit and I booked my surgery for...

So I paid my deposit and I booked my surgery for April 4th. I am ready to get this over with. The doctor suggested I gain around 5 lbs but said 10 would be better. I have already gained a few pounds and I feel so gross. Uggghhh! Once I figure out how to post pics I will get a few current and wish pics up. Come on April!
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I found this doctor on his website. He seems to be very experienced. He has several educational videos on you tube.

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Went back on exactly week 2
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Ok thanks
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Hmm I was thinking more like 5000-6000 range. Like in San Antonio
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I have only been to 2 consultations. The first doc was only doing lipo on the back and stomach. The higher quote will lipo anywhere he can get fat like the arms and thighs. Just call around and see who has free consultations. My first was free the 2nd one was $45. Try finding a doctor in San Antonio on here. I know I have seen one from this website.
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Is your doctor in Houston? I'm in Texas also and looking for someone within the state for a reasonable price.
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Yes he is. Dr. Cortes. He quoted me 9400 which is pretty expensive. He seems to be very experienced. The last doctor that I have used for breast implants quoted me like 8000. I just feel more comfortable paying more for the experience.
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