24 Years Old. Lost 25lbs Threw Eating Healthy. Houston, TX

Hey everyone!! I'm looking into getting the...

Hey everyone!!
I'm looking into getting the brazilian butt lift with dr cortes, most Likly in December. However I just got on here and saw some reviews from his patients and now I'm second guessing myself if he's the one. Anyway a little about me I'm 24. Really healthy... I started eating mostly paleo within the last couple years so I went from 125 to 100-105lbs I fluctuate between there. After my weight loss I lost my butt a little bit. The reason y I want the brazilian butt lift is bc of multiple areas of lipo... I'm sure u ladies know there's such a thing as body resistant fat... Well mine is in my thighs.. I have thunder thighs :( I hate them. I'm hoping by choosing this method I can get back wat I lost in my butt and get rid of this stubborn fat in my legs.

looking at other options

Whats ur ladies thoughts on Dr. fisher? good dr? hear anything bad?

New dr?

Ok, after reading tons of reviews and done my own homework.... Saftey is number one to me then of course results... So I am now looking at Dr.fisher and dr.Ortega.... U know I really wanted Cortes but the lipo burns, staff infection ( which the office said they had 0% infection rate which was a lie after speaking to a girl on here.) but even then I thought I'd call and address my concerns with them...well ladies it's been two weeks... Msgs to the office manager on here, emails and calls and still no word. So I think I'm leaning more towards fisher and Ortega now. Any advice ladies?

Which dr ladies?

So by looking at my photos vs my wish pics... Which dr do u think could give me the best results...I'm leaning twords fisher and Ortega bc of the reviews with no complications or problems...

Not worth ur well being.

I love dr. Yilly and Durans results... But that comes with a price... I've read several women have died over there in the Dominican Republic.... Not worth the chance to me...Salama and cortes does AMAZING work...but the reviews of complications scared me away.

Thx dolls:)

This is a scary decision... I appreciate u girls for all the help and guidance to point me in the right direction!


If you go with cortes speak to Mariel (former patient/employee) she has been the only one who responds if you have questions. That's the only way I got a response is threw her.

Dr.fishers office

I've read dr fishers office is hell... Maybe it's gotten better? I spoke to Alexandra yesterday and she was so sweet and helpful... Shoot she was even texting me from her personal. She was so nice and I liked that dr fisher has over 15years of experience... That he preforms multiple bbls a week... He's board certified along with the anestigiologist he uses . Facility is accredited.. Carries malpractice insurance. 0% infection rate. Any other questions am I missing to ask?

which dr.?

Still no word back from ortega.. i called and they said before we can go any farther we need u to fill out a questionnaire and send pics. so i sent pics.. got a email saying that i needed to gain weight which i already knew. i emailed them back and still havnt herd anything. Alex at Dr. fishers office has been checking on answering all my questions.. gets back to me really quick and has been so sweet. she sent me quote.. so now it's just time for me to choose. i have the money for the surgery.. just wasnt sure who to go with... i'm leaning more twords fisher..i have alot of thinking and more research to do.

dr cortes office

Also, lucy got back to me from dr. cortes office..said shes been swamped there at the office. can understand.. just glad she finally got back to me.L Last msg i sent her was i have the money but have just a few more questions before i pay for the surgery. but now things have changed since then so i told her that i decided Not to go with Dr.cortes but thanks for getting back to me.


Hey ladies? I have been talking to a lady who contacted me from vanity for dr.fisher... She gave me a call today and said they have a special going on till tmrw that they would knock 2k off if I paid in full by tmrw. Am I being scammed? Or do these dots really do promotions like this?

Flying to Miami

So I'm going to Miami to have a face to face consultation with dr fisher and Ortega in November, I felt like it would b best to wait till I actually met them and asked them the questions instead of the coordinators. So I booked my plane ticket. I will b meeting them both in November:)

Fisher 2 do surgery videos!!!

You kno I wish dr.fisher did videos of him performing the surgery like dr cortes does so u can c him work. I think that would b a great way to get his name out there even more and market himself better! On another note I met a RS sister who got a pretty bad infection. Well I just wanted to ask you all to keep her in ur prayers, if you wouldn't mind:) .. I know she's in mine.

vanity recovery house

hey ladies!!! I need ur help. does anyone know what the vanity recovery house looks like? is it clean and nice? or is it a dive? i'm trying to decide weather to pay for the recovery house or go with a hotel. help please:)

More wish pics

Other wish pics from R.s. Sisters ;)

Legs wish pics

I am adding a full thigh lipo, and these are how small I'm wishing they will come out.
Name not provided

Not sure haven't met yet

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Who is the lady you spoke to? I spoke to someone yesterday so I can get scheduled, but a $2000 was not mentioned.
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Hmmm... It's weird bc they said they were calling from there personal... So I didn't do it.
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i can give u my opinion. i have read a lot of comments of girls on RS that have had a bad experiences and complaints with Vanity Cosmetics but Dr. Fisher and Dr. Ortega also work in Images Cosmetics and Cg. Cosmetics. You can check out those places if they seem like better options because these doctors are good in Miami. But also, Dr. Michael Salzhauer is one of the top doctors here. you can check out his page at balharboursurgery.com i wish you luck on your decision and check out all those places. xoxo
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Thank you:)
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True! Very True. I haven't come across any terrible reviews on any of the above mentioned docs.
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Hun, everyone knows the risks and complications that might happen. Not saying anyone deserves any complications but we don't know how people are after the surgery, there's 2 sides to every story. I was skeptical too but I realized that it's MY surgery that I AM paying for and so I made my own decision based on everything as a whole. There's always going to be someone with something negative to say, nothing or nobody has everything 100% positively said about it/them. I'm here for support as I'm just starting my journey too :)
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Keep me posted and good luck! Best of wishes:)
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Thank you and I will Hun :)
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Excuse typo: no I didn't mean to say rightandtight I meant to say read "DESTROYEDFORLIFE" blog or DESTROYED4LIFE"
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:) you can read mine too. lol Seriously though, anyone still thinking about this surgery do yourself a favor take the time and go through all the blogs. Each of these ladies has a voice and typically there is valuable information sometimes buried in the blog.
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read "rightandtight" blog
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Dr. Cortes Destroyed my Body! ... i encourage everyone to look at this page. shes a member on here on real self thats her screen name.. just look at the pics.. the pics say a thousand words without her even saying anything.
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everybody is different i didnt have no complications wth my surgery i loved my results... cant go wrong wth Cortez i went from looking lke spondge bob to a latina barbie...lol your body is not like everybody else
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I am one of Dr. Cortes' smaller patients. I am 5'2 and normally 120-125 lbs. I am 9 days out of surgery and so far things are progressing without any complications. I am in contact with two other girls who are also Dr.Cortes patients. We are all different sizes and shapes and each of us hAs a specific reason for doing this procedure. One is 6 feet tall and is very uncomfortable with the thong part of the garment. I have no problem with that because I am so short. My point is you have to do your own research and make your own decision. Good luck
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Couldn't agree more!
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Thank you doll i try to answer all my inboxes or comments. I try to come in here only once in a while because of all the drama on this site. I know what it feels like to be a patient and the need to have questions answered. Its hard sometimes being an employee/former patient because everything you say is considered you defending your boss. its not like that, i have my own opinions and i am definitely not a follower.
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i read ur whole page, and i believe that you are sincere..or else i wouldnt of wasted my breath...i felt like you were real and i appreciate it. you explained the good and bad so i trusted u. i know theres drama on here.. take it with a grain of salt. u look amazing.everyone needs to realize not all dr.s are the same, you need to find whos best for *you* not everyone else. :)
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Thank you for taking the time to read my review. ...you already have a beautiful shape. ...no matter who u choose u should get amazing results. ...
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You already have a beautiful body! I wouldn't do anything if I were you, your body is naturally beautiful and you don't have thunder thighs at all. If you have to then go with a doctor who creates consistently beautiful results on thinner women. Cortes seems to work with a lot of fat for his bbls.
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That's wat I'm told. But I'm not happy with my. Thighs and a bonus to have my butt a lil bigger like it was.
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Listen to mzphatbooty. I was going to Dr Cortes but she scared the h*ll out of me and changed my mind. Look at lifelonglearner blog and read mzphatbooty just inbox her
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Trust me I am... My well being isn't worth it... Thank u so much for trying to help me girl. Much appreciated!
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Honey stay away. Listen to other RealSelf members that went to him. Check out Dr Mel Ortega at Spectrum Aesthetics if you want a perfectionist of a doctor
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