42 Year Old .... Much Anticipated Breast Reduction! - Houston, TX

I have waited years to have this procedure and now...

I have waited years to have this procedure and now Aetna is giving me issues with the volume they want my Dr. To take out. I was 40DDD and have suffered frin chronic headaches for many years. I have recently lost 34lbs and now down to 36 DD. Shoulder pain a little better, still suffering from stiff neck, psture and chronic headaches! I'm 5'1 159 lbs.
Is there any hope for me that Aetna will approve me!
Any feedback will help!
Hi, Can you elaborate on what the insurance wants? I'm in this same boat (have Blue Cross) and my doctor seems to think I may have to go from my 36E to a full B… I wanted to be a C… I think a B size will be too small for my 5.2 / 150 lb. frame :( I think going from a E cup to a B will be too traumatizing for me. Getting some more info on your situation may help me with mine (I'm in the Houston area too (Humble))
Welcome to the community.  What exactly is the insurance company saying?
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