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I lost 60lbs in 1998. I've gained back 15 of...

I lost 60lbs in 1998. I've gained back 15 of it, on purpose. ( I really got too skinny) In 2005 I had lipo because I just couldn't stop my inner thighs from rubbing together no matter how much I lost. I needed the tummy tuck back then but hadn't had children yet so couldn't do it yet. The plan was always to come back for the TT after pregnancy. Now, my skin just hangs and sags after being overweight and one pregnancy. I look like Jabba the Hut when I sit because it just piles up. I've found that I tend to contract my abs CONSTANTLY...didn't realize that until my PS pointed out that I wasn't relaxing when he told me to. Multiple winters I've talked myself out of doing it, mainly fearing the recovery. I'm also doing a BA, lift, and hip lipo. Mostly, I'm fearing the TT recovery. Every summer I reget not doing it. I'm getting older and skin is sagging more and more. NOW IS THE TIME!


I'm having the same on dec 15!!! What implant size did you pick??
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Hi there!

Congrats on your big weight loss. How interesting that you're always contracting your abs...

The TT recovery won't be a breeze, but it is do-able and it will be worth it. With the BA, the cute marketing term for your treatments is a Mommy Makeover. 

Check out JenBob's list of 10 Things she wishes she knew before a mommy makeover.

And please come back and let us know how it went and how you're feeling as the big day nears!

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Updated my cost for all 4 procedures. Before, I...

Updated my cost for all 4 procedures. Before, I just had cost of TT.


Dr Moliver is great I know your gonna have a great surgery =)
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So happy you have come through this because you certainly deserve the best for yourself. So many times we do for others and not for ourselves. All of you are an inspiration for me as my tt is Feb 2nd. Let us hear from you and can't wait to see your pictures....
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Good for you in doing all of this for yourself.  And what a fantastic present to yourself.  

I will be thinking about you this week and anxiously waiting to hear from you.  Keep us up to date and do post pictures.

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