Tummy Tuck in 2 Days

I've had then"jiggle" belly with...

I've had then"jiggle" belly with wrinkley stretch marks since I had my last child 19 years ago. It is TIME for itnto GO! Always thought this was a pipe dream, but through several circumstances I realized this was actually do-able and a good idea.

Went to the doctor last week and scheduled for this week because of a busy upcoming December and major mission trip in January. Praying for no complications.


Glad you are on the other side Kaylsmith! And glad day 3 is better for you!! I hope it continues to get better! Post pics when you are able!
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HOLY COW! I am the beginning of day 3 post op. I will say that it is hard. The last two days have been rough. The worst is when I need to get up. There os no "just barrel through the pain". It stops you and feels like a giant metal pole that is on fire is going through you. This morning, however I managed to get up with very little help and not one scream. :)

I am taking fill advantage of the pain drugs and just about to run my pain pump dry. I can see the Wrinkled stretched mark skin is gone but for now I'm just sort of a swollen tube around my middle.

I can feel inside where he tightened the muscles and that keeps me hunched...but I know it will get better. The hunching and sitting is doing a number on my back.

I will not be wearing a compression garment...so glad after all I've read on Here about them.
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I hope all went well!!
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