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49 year old female I had gastric bypass eleven...

49 year old female

I had gastric bypass eleven years ago and lost a total of 180lb. Of course, having lost all of that weight, I had a measureable amount of excess skin around my stomach area. I have always wanted to have a tummytuck after losing so much weight. I developed rheumatoid arthritis a couple of years ago which doesn't help with the extra stomach weight I am already carrying around. I have done my homework and have read to the point of ad-naseum what to expect. I figure if I can have a gastric bypass procedure, I can handle this as well. Pictures to follow. I am so excited. I have done my research, asked hundreds of questions, watched the procedure and I cannot wait!!

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I wanted to follow up with you to wish you a speedy recovery and hope that all is well.
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Sending happy thoughts your way for tomorrow:)

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Wow congratulations on the weight loss:) 

Yes if you can go through that you can definitely handle this.  I look forward to seeing your pictures and following your journey.

If you have any questions at all please just ask.

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