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Lets start of with stats~ im 110 pounds and 37...

Lets start of with stats~ im 110 pounds and 37 years old . I had my first augmentation in 2007 with a 34 dd, which developed stage IV capsulary contracture. I had a breast revision with silicon and downsized in nov 2012. Lots of drooping and have double bubble:( I'm scheduling my breast lift In October. I want perky breasts!!! My surgeon agrees that 375 cc high profile saline implants ( I have very unsymetrical breasts) with a short scar lift will give me the look I desire. I'm VERY nervous about the pain and recovery! How long is recovery? Will I be able to return to work within 5 days? Lastly, will a lift correct the double bubble? Important to mention the double bubble was on the breast that has always been larger..

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Wish photos~ are these possible?

Im really seeking this look. Is this possible? I sure hope so!!


UPDATE***One week post op from my lift and NO double bubble!! It wasn't to painful and so far I'm very pleased!
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So glad to hear!!! I am hoping for a speedy recovery for you!!! I finally attempted pull ups after 3 months! No pulling and no pain! I go for my 3 mo next week.
Wow... I have to say that before I had my revision, my breast look like yours-(which do not look bad! ) I had lost the fullness on top and felt like one had flattened out more than the other. I did not have to go with a lift, as a matter of fact I really did not want to have to go with a lift. I ended up going silicone with a high profile. My doctor went in to enclose any capsule space that may have widened and that was it! I now am perky and full again. I went from 375 saline (8yrs old) to 650 silicone high profile, sounds like a lot but when he deflated them, I looked concave not flat... I would hope that you would not have to get a lift, I would have a second consult just to make sure.
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