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Its just been six days but the pain is too much....

its just been six days but the pain is too much. did my research but miscalculated the pain. vicodin just knoks me out but the pain is still there. am now only taking two pills a day just to sleep cos it does nothing for the pain. as for results, lost two three inches off my waist, but very swollen up so i will wait to see in the next two to four months. they too out 6500 litres so results will be lot. is it worth it. as of now, no but only time will change my mind.

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he seems to know what he is doing although he does not spend enough time with you. i spent the night in the hospital and he failed to come see me before i was discharged, but his nurses are wonderful.

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Dr Shusterman did lipo on my legs and abs. They look worse now than before i had anything done. I spent almost 20,000.00, and he wanted me to pay him more money to fix what he messed up. Please if your going to have any kind of lipo done go to another doctor. I cry about the way my legs look all the time. I only weigh 130 and i never get to wear shorts. Its depressing.
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Sorry to hear about odeal. Do you have any pics???? I am wanting thigh lipo and am worried I will have too much loose skin.
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How did your results turn out?

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