It's the Day Before Surgery and I'm NERVOUS! - Houston, TX

Well...I'm at work right now and can't...

Well...I'm at work right now and can't think of anything else but my Mommy makeover scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7:30am. I have already had a breast augmentation (2006) and mini tummy tuck (2010). I really needed a breast lift in 06 but didn't want to pay the extra money so just went with saline implants. Now I am a DD and do not like being this big at all. So I am having silicone implants (375's) put in and I am expecting to be a D. Currently have in 390 (L) and 420 (R). I am also have a full tummy tuck (wish I had this done in the first place!) and lipo and bilateral something on the flanks? Medical terms. The surgery is expected to run about 5 hours. I have been a smoker for years, not heavy, less than a pack a day. I stopped at the end of Februrary for this surgery. Hasnt been too bad since I was not a heavy smoker but still not easy either! I am still scared! I just wanted to post on here. Don't really want to share with my family my fear since I don't want them to be afraid. I am acting like it is nothing when I am around them. Maybe someone want to just give me some reassurance? Helpful words?

Well.... I'm on post op day 6. Went to my PS yesterday and she took out 1 drain. She takes the other out today at 5pm. I will then race home for a shower! Lol. I did do a sponge bath by sitting on the side of the tub on post op day 3. Everyday I wake up I seem to feelm100% better than the previous day. Doc told me yesterday that I can start standing up straight. I am still walking a little hunched over. Hurts my lower back like crazy walking hunched over. Because of that I have a tendency to walk more upright. I tried to get off pain pills yesterday and that was a mistake. I hopefully can get completely off them by Thursday or Friday. Been taking colace for constipation. Finally went for the first time post op day 5 (yesterday). Feeling great! Better than I expected. I have to say operation day was OK, post op day 1 was not so good, post op day 2 and 3 was really hard ( the days I asked myself what the heck was I thinking!). By op day 4 I was feeling way better! Just thought I'd provide some feedback for the other ladies out there that are searching for words of comfort like I was the day before. Overall it is not as bad as I though it would be. I'm sure everyone is different. Good luck to all you beautiful ladies out there! I know you will be super happy when it is all over!
Good to hear your on the otherside and well enough to post. I too had to take 2 pills but I itched with the hydrocodone. So doc switched me to another. So ask doc if it continues. I had an office chair to sit in. I liked being upright also. I think it just made me feel better. Sleeping is a good thing continue thoes naps as long as your body asks for them. When you sleep you are healing. I took a sponge bath but loved the shower. My drains came out at day 6 but most beople go to day 10. all depends on your PS and how much fluid it is pulling out. I was able to shower then. When you DO get to shower please have something IN the shower to sit on. My surgery date was Jan 6th 2012 so you can read my entire blog or just go to that date to read my daily updates on how my post op went. I would have to look at my blog but I do remember day 10 was a turning point to feeling WAY more normal. I remember I went to the store but was still bent a bit and walked slow. warning DO NOT overdo it on the first week or so of feeling better..I did and it kind of made me back track how well I felt. I am at 3 months now and almost 100% back to normal. I say almost because I do still swell a tiny bit nothing anyone notices but me. and I still cant exersice quite as much as I did before BUT it is winter so as spring progresses so will my streangth in my tummy. feel free to ask me anything I am here to help
I'm 2 days post op. initially had an enormous amount of swelling. That has gone down a little but still a lot.taking narco pain pills. Have to take 2 at time for it to do any good. I am trying to get up walking around at least 7 times today. I count going to the bathroom . Also find it comfortable to sit straight up in a chair for a bit. I just started to itch a lot, mainly around my torso. I'm sleeping on and off thoughout the day and night. Saw doctor yesterday afternoon to see about swelling. She didn't seem concerned and changed my dressings out. I can't wait to take bath but I don't think I can until drain tubes are out. Otherwise not too bad. I think yesterday, the day after surgery was the worst. I really want to stay non smoking and going to do my best. I know it ism particularly important during this recovery period. Thanks for answering my blog. I sincerely hope all has gone well for everyone. Let me know what you guys went through or are going through and what stage are you in post op. how long before your tubes came out, when could you take a bath? Stand up straight?
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