Excellent Results, Couldn't Be Happier !!

Had lipo of hips and flanks December 16th. I had...

Had lipo of hips and flanks December 16th. I had the procedure done under local anesthetic with minimal discomfort.

Dr. B is amazing! I could see the results immediately.

I am now 10 post op and have very little bruising and swelling. Thanks to Dr. B and all his wonderful staff for taking such great care of me.

Hello...I am glad your procedure went great. Please let me know if you are still happy with your results and if you have any uneven/asymmetrical areas or lumps as I am thinking of getting it done with Dr. John Bergeron really soon! I am very worried about not seeing any results or even worse being uneven or lumpy looking. Thank you so much:)

By the way, do you have any before/after pics?
Dr. Bergeron

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