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I Can't Tell a Difference

It was very painful and now at 8 weeks i see no...

it was very painful and now at 8 weeks i see no difference

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I have just had liposuction (3 weeks ago) and am seeing no difference, all the bruising and swelling has gone down but I am still the same shape and size, I'm really annoyed and not sure what to do as I spent so much money on this.
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i agree 100% i had liposuction done on Febuary 15,2008 and i still weigh the same amount i started wit the swelling is gone and my belly still looks the same what a waste of over 5000 grand.
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i agree. i am a 21 year old male. i had ultrasonic lipo done on my chest and 6 weeks later i see no results. I dont know what to do. I might complain to the doctor.
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