Good Results with Invisalign. Considering Vivera Retainer.

I had invisalign treatment, it was great I would...

I had invisalign treatment, it was great I would recommend. I had some spaces in between my teeth. It corrected/closed those spaces & corrected the placement of my teeth. Fantastic result.

I am thinking about getting the Vivera retainer program. Do you know if they can put attachments on the back of your teeth or on the front of your back teeth/molars to help keep a strong grip?
Hi Bubba and HOUchick,

Can you tell me who was your ortho? I have been search for a long time. can't find a nice price for invisalign

I'm hoping Bubba and HOUchick will write back so you can know exactly who they went to, but I also wanted to let you know that if you click on "Find a Doctor" at the top of the page it will walk you through how to find a dentist in your area. Then you can read their reviews, and see the questions they have answered in the Q&A section. This can help give you a feel for them so you can decide if you want to consider going to them for treatment.

Hope that is helpful & I look forward to hearing how things go if you decide to get Invisalign!

Hi Bubba... Who was your ortho? I've gotten several consultations. And I need to narrow down my choices. The last Ortho I went to quoted me about $5600. Your $4000 seems to be more in my price range. Do you have any before and after pics? I'm still deciding on whether to get clear braces or invisalign. I've had 3 consults; 2 recommended traditional braces over Invisalign and the third consult said Invisalign would DEFINITELY correct my teeth. So now I'm really stuck between a rock and a hard place. I would hate to spend all that money and not be satisified with the outcome. I asked for before and after pics of THEIR actual Invisalign patients, but the office didn't have any to show me. Any suggestions?
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