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Ever since i was young i was terrified of getting...

Ever since i was young i was terrified of getting braces. Just having the idea of metal in my mouth wasn't my slice of cake. I was praying that i didn't have to get braces, till i went to the dentist 2 months ago. I was required to get braces in my mouth, I had begged my father for me to get the Clear Correct. So we did some online research on the internet to see which one would be more comfortable. We heard that the metal braces can rip inside of your mouth and cause much pain, and the Clear Correct only hurts for a few hours. So we went to our dentist and asked some questions about this product. Also i had to get 3 fillings done and while the Novocain was kicking in, I asked the orthodontist about him. I am surprised he understood me because i talked like a drunken giraffe from the Novocain.

After we got the fillings done i told my father about what the dentist said so that day we got my teeth molds and we are getting them this tuesday. I am super excited we might had to spend some extra thousands of dollars but i am sure it will be worth it. I will post my experience as a comment as soon as i get them.

Samantha2857... So how are you doing with Clear Correct? It's been two years, can you tell me where you are in the process? I'm getting ready to start soon (as soon as Phase Zero comes in). I would be excited to hear about your experience. Can you provide some updated content for those of us who are on hold??? Thanks!

Hi Samantha -- Good luck with Clear Correct! Please keep in touch and let us know what it's like once you get the trays.

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