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FDA Approved Zerona? Six Sessions on Waist and Hips & It Did Not Work!

Since it is guaranteed, I asked Med Clinic to ask...

Since it is guaranteed, I asked Med Clinic to ask Zerona Rep if I could re-do. They agreed since I bordered on the "minimum 3 inches". I am 124 lbs, 5 ft tall. The total "accumulative inches" were in my right knee (could it be the measuring tape?), my elbo area (the sessions were on my waist & hips). Need I say more?

I believe FDA needs to re-evaulate... By the way, they lowered it from $2300 to $1800 due to dis-satisfied Customers.

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The Doctor's wife said her husband (the Doctor) would not even allow her to have Zerona done on her stomach area. I believe it is because he knew it was a waste of her time.

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I wanted to point out that Zerona was cleared by the FDA for body contouring. That means that the FDA saw more than enough evidence that the Zerona works like they claim.
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One thing I think that is important for everyone to remember is that the FDA approved the safety, not the effectiveness of Zerona. I'm actually going to start the treatments tomorrow and am very excited. I've gained about 1 inch around my bumm area and a half an inch in my stomach, so any measurement lost will be welcomed!
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Hey Terri, I hope you come out totally slenderized and bikini ready. :-) I really have high hopes for this technology, and while my faith has been shaken from my own experience, I am not prepared to say that it's total baloney for everybody. Please do a post of your own when you're all done to add to the ratings. I really feel however emotional our responses might be, they do serve the interests of consumers. If Zerona's process and procedures, or marketing and pricing, need tweaking, we are the best sources of information they have so they can improve on it for everybody. Good Luck!
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I work for a doctor and we got the Zerona in early January. I just had my 3rd treatment today. I was very skeptical but felt a change after the 2nd treatment, like I had done situps, which I had not, and also a tingling behind my thighs (which was nice). I've been feeling slimmer since the 2nd tx too. So today after my 3rd tx we measured me again and I've lost 2 inches combined from my thighs, abs and braline/back. I have also lost 2-3 pounds. I have not changed my diet whatsoever or cut back on caffeine. I have been taking 1 Curva/day, I almost always forget to take the second one. The only exercise is my daily activity plus a little igallop which my daughter has at home. My skin is definitely more toned and tight. I am going to take more pix on Monday after my 4th tx, so we have a benchmark. I am beyond thrilled. Some things I noticed too are more energy from the Curva and I also think it suppresses my appetite a bit, that I feel more thirsty, and looser stools (lovely). Another patient on the same schedule as me said she definitely sees a difference and is very excited and she works out like a fiend. A coworker notices a tighter figure on herself but has not lost any weight (which it's not supposed to do) and lost only 2 inches at her measurement today after her final tx but we will remeasure her in a week, she is also very muscular and exercises a ton so maybe it doesn't work well on people with her profile? I am a believer and will email you b/a pix when I have some after ones!
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I'm wondering how much you had to pay for this treatment? My guess is nothing. What is Curva?
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What happened after your redo?
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