Dissapointing Outcome - Lower Face Lift to Correct the Jowl and Neck Line

Dont understand why my jowls are still here. Had a...

Dont understand why my jowls are still here. Had a face lift. My jowl did not move at all. Neck is still the same. had a little lifting infront of the ear. Have not been pleased at all. I keep going back. The doctor thinks things look fine. I think I need more lifting in my face to pull up my jowl. Am I correct?

Wanted to get lifting in the face and neck area. Did not get much of either. Did the pursestring lift. Thought it would help the jowl area.

Wanted to correct sagging in the lower face, jowls...

Wanted to correct sagging in the lower face, jowls and neck line. There are no before photos but very little change was made. Lift was sold as "better than a standard face lift." It was to correct the jowl and neck line.

After several visits to discuss the dissapointing outcome, Dr. said that was about all he could do. It was a SMAS lift. My jowl looks better on one side. On that side my neck looks worse. The other side my jowl has not moved from before the surgery. I don't understand why my jowls were not lifted.

Did the fat in my neck diminish my jowl lifting?...

Did the fat in my neck diminish my jowl lifting? If a lower face lift can't lift my jowls, what can? From my profile, it looks like nothing was done.
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Muchly appreciated!!
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I used one of the best known surgeons not only in New York, but he is internationally known, as well. His fees are higher than many surgeons outside of New York but the same as others in New York City. Dr. Sherrill Aston.
I understand that not everyone can afford top fees but if you can swing it, I highly recommend Dr. Aston. I really look terrific and you cannot tell. I am almost 71 and people guess I am 58.
Several of my friends have used Dr. Aston and they have been as satisfied as I am. Plus he is very friendly and responsive to patient's needs.
You are quite right. Finding a good surgeon in the first place saves not only a lot of time and money but a lot of aggravation. For people outside of New York, I recommed going to their local library and looking up doctors in the Castle Connolly Guide. It is a rating book for doctors in which doctors are rated by other doctors.
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Do you mind telling me who your surgeon was? Could save some people some $ and disappointment.

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A SMAS lift should have given you a good result. I am surprised.
I had such a lower lift from the doctor who invented it and I am probably much older than you are. I had superb results but I spent much more than you did, also.
Maybe your doctor is not that skilled.
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And who was your surgeon? Thanks a bunch!!
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was this a quick lift, as you referenced in another comment? thx for sharing

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has anyone had a lower face lift from dr t kotske in pheniox? if so what was your experience

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