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First Timer!!!!! 2010 - Houston, TX

Hello everyone.I have not gone to have my surg....

hello everyone.I have not gone to have my surg. yet .it is on the 29th on nov. 2010 and i am freaking out. i am scared! i do not like surgery but i keep hearing mixed feelings about the overal experience and results and i am anxious about my results!i am a 40dd now and i want to be a c. my surg. is the main plastics doc in the whole facility. can anyone give me some insight on how to relax and know that this is for better not worse? thanks!

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Gelaveston, please fill us in on how your surgery went. Im scheduled to have min on December 20th & like you Im terrified. I know God will bring me thru, but Ive never had Any kind of surgery so Im not sure what to expect. Im also the same size as you & am going to a C cup. Your post really caught my eye so Im very interested to hear your results or anyone's advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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You will be so very happy that you had the surgery. I had the Laserbra breast Reduction by Dr. Stoker in Los Angeles and at over a year out I still can not believe my results! You will feel so much lighter, happier and youthful. You won't regret it! And believe it or not the breast reduction surgery is not that painful. I was surprised but it really wasn't.
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WOW!!!REALLY?!! not that painfull? wow i guess its true about self pain levels because i have heard from so many that has said its VERY VERY painfull but because of the results, the pain was over showered by happiness after a month. i took two weeks off to have it but im starting to think that that's not enough time. i hope my pain turn-out is as smooth and not as bumpy as yours . thank you so much for that hope lol i appreciate the time you took to respond to my feelings about this. thanks and i will post up some before and afters soon!!
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Hi Galveston -- Welcome to RealSelf! You can also meet up with other breast reduction patients on our forum here. Good luck with your surgery! I'm sure everything will work out fine.

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thank you so much Sharon. i appreciate everything. i think i have read too much into the dangers of general anesthetics than just simply putting it into GOD'S hands. i will be so much happier and feel so much better. thank you once again for your insight!its greatly appreciated!
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