5'0" and Wore a 36 Dd - Breast Reduction Stitches Left in 3 Months

I had a breast reduction because I am 5'0"...

I had a breast reduction because I am 5'0" and wore a 36 dd bra and was experiencing back pain.

My surgery was fine until every visit became a wheres waldo except with stitches. 3 months later and I still have stitches. I am happy with the results just not happy with my surgeon and some of his practices.

I recently had a breast reduction in August of 2009. I have been going to my doctor about every 2 weeks since September for a checkup. Every time I go though, he finds stitches he forgot to take out. I was showering the other day and I felt 2 more stitches. Since my surgery I have had 2 infections in my breast from cellulitis. Is it normal for surgeons to leave stitches in and not keep track of how many they put in?
Houston Plastic Surgeon

He did not have very good bedside manner. He burped in my face, did not seem too concerned when I had my infections.

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=\ this worrys me... He's the only surgeon in Houston. that offerings silicone butt implants... They have a highrisk for infections.. I would be scard to let him do them... after reading this.
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I was "spitting" stitches for almost 6 months post reduction. It is unfortunatly normal. They will not harm you, mine were in the areola area. They are now gone and I am post op 1 year and very happy! My surgeon was awesome and I continue to use him for facial injections (botox)
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If he put sutures that need to be removed he should have taken them all out within a week. some times the deep sutures spit out and need to be picked on. that is what could be hapening with you. Ask him what is exactly going on?
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