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I have carefully chosen 500CCs on a moderate plus...

I have carefully chosen 500CCs on a moderate plus gel (gummy bears), however when I received my id card it stated HIGH PROFILE. I am at a loss! That is not what I wanted, never even talked about high profile with my dr yet the wrong implant was placed. It has only been 3 weeks and I have received a very unsatisfied answer from them.

I am 5'9", 145. What should I do??? Leave it alone? Fight to get it redone? What else should I do??

I feel the moderate plus would have been more natural on me.

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Despite the mistake, I have friends that are extremely satisfied with him.

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I agree with waiting until you are healed to tell how they look. But when you go back for your post op check, I would definitely ask the Dr. himself!
But maybe he put in the mod plus during surgery and it didnt look right. I know that Dr.'s will adjust at the time of surgery depending on what you two had discussed as your final outcome.
Hopefully that is the case and they will look fabulous!

Is it just the idea that he put something different in that bothers you or do they not look right?

But either way, I can see how you would feel that there was a violation of trust. A revision cannot be done until you are healed enough. I hear at about the 8 month to 1 year mark.

Would you be interested in posting pics so we can see? Wear a bikini top if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Keep us posted!
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HI, can you please put up pics or email me, you are my height and similar in weight, i am thinking the same thing after having 2 kids...please put pics!!!! all the pics here are of shorter women...
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I'm sorry you're going through this! Is it possible that the ID card was wrong? I've read that high profile implants don't necessarily mean that they'll look unnatural. Still, you want what you asked/payed for.

How are you feeling about how they look and feel?

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As of right now still hard to tell. I am going on the 4th week this week and the pain underneath the left one is sometimes overwhelming, but I guess because it was the smallest and it seems to have "ran out of room". I believe I would have appreciated the moderate plus better. I don't seem to be enjoying them as much because it isn't what I requested. The card is right and what one of the employees said was "you know.. he measures you and decides what's best for you"... but even after measurements the moderate plus was the final decision. I guess I just don't understand how such mistake can happen. I don't know what I should do...
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see how they look. The high-profiles arn't as wide maybe they where worried about displacement.
Ask them why they didn't use the implants you wanted. Also wait till your implants healed and see your results.
They might have measured your chest and you might not have had enough room for the width, If your Implants are to wide your at increased chance for Symmastia.

BTW your the Same Height as me.... In a personal experience with symmastia you don't want it! my surgeon told me "I should have used 650cc".

Post pictures if you can.
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