Both Types of Implants Made Me Sick - Houston, TX

Had 2 different sets of Silicone for 15 yrs, got...

Had 2 different sets of Silicone for 15 yrs, got sick, removed them and put in saline, symptoms continued to get worse. Found out they are made of 38 TOXIC chemicals.

Have explanted and regained my health. They affected my immune, G.I. neurological, and endocrine system. I was HEALTHY BEFORE i got implants. I am feeling so much better since I removed them. Most women do fine but SOME GET SICK...Most plastic surgeons are not educated in Implant Illness and chose to ignore the women that are sick. What more proof do you need when a woman explants and gets well?

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I'm sorry you went through the sickness, but am glad you're healthier now! Thanks for sharing.

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