Botox, Radiesse and Breast Augmentation

I am 45 years old and decided to do something...

I am 45 years old and decided to do something about my sagging breast tisse left behind from having children.

I love the fullness that the implants provide. I feel so much better wearing my clothes and not having to wear the padded bras that can be seen through the shirts you wear.


Hi Lisa! Thanks for posting this!
I have an appointment with Dr. Vitenas tomorrow. Also, I don't plan on having any other consults- I hope that isn't a stupid move but I could not find a bad review on him and his pics look fantastic. Are you happy with the BA he did on you then?
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Glad this went so well for you! Thanks for sharing here on RealSelf!

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Houston Plastic Surgeon

I had such a wonderful result with my procedures. He is such a perfectionist and very skilled surgeon. I have seen my girlfriends' procedures look like botched up jobs and I truly cannot believe that they went for price and not quailty of the surgeon. They look horrible and two of my friends had to go back for repairs of the scars that healed wrong from the improper techniques that the other surgeons did. Please go for experience and skill of the surgeon and not let the cost be a factor! You will end up paying more if you do choose that!

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