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Hot but Zapped Away All my Acnes - Richmond, BC

I tried medical blue light, levulan with blue...

I tried medical blue light, levulan with blue light, microderm, IPL, chemical peels, and some very expensive and painful lasers, but none did a whole lot for my acnes. I tried the isolaz about 2 months ago, and isolaz was the best laser so far for the acnes. 90% acnes went away after my third treatment.

I am now after 2 months after my final isolaz treatment, andf I have not have an outbreak. It was expensive but it works well on me.


Can you please tell me the name of your doctor in BC? Thanks so much!!
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Hello, I am about to start Isolaz treatment and i am a bit nervous. i have cystic acne. Since you had a good experience please let me know what kind Acne did you have - mild or aggressive like mine? thanks
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I am trying to decide if I should go for Isolaz. Can you please advise if you have any break out since Jan when you had your last post? Thank you for sharing your experience.
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Name not provided

Dr. Lee

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