Day 3 of Tray 1 - Hot Springs, AR

Day 1 and 2 was a lot of pain. Unlike a lot of the...

Day 1 and 2 was a lot of pain. Unlike a lot of the reviews I read I got the buttons on on day 1. They glued a set of trays onto on teeth and had to pull them off and that left the buttons on. My teeth are super sensitive now from it and I got buttons on my front teeth which makes me really rethink this but I'm paying for it either way so may as well just suck it it. My tongue has a big cut on it and was bleeding from the tray as well as my cheek and the inside of my lips. I've learnt to get a small plastic baggie with ice and just rest it on my face to help the pain. It's a pain when you live on the run but it also helps you to slow down with life. Still learning how to clean these the right way where there's no smell to them.
I had pain the first few days, too! I have a little discomfort the first two days of every new set of trays but nothing an aspirin can't handle. I usually don't take anything at all. I had buttons the first day of treatment as well. I have several buttons on my front teeth. It's really not that noticeable to others. You notice it though. Your mouth will get used to the trays but I recommend going to Wal-Mart and getting some wax that are typically used for braces. It helped me. To clean them, I brush them every morning and night after I brush my teeth. I also soak them in either a mixture of water and mouthwash or those tablets for dentures.

If you're having tongue or cheek irritation, the ortho can file down the affected area. This only happened a couple times so far and I'm 26 weeks in.

It is very difficult in the beginning but it gets better. I had 30 trays my first go around and refinements. You can order retainer brite on line or just use efferent to clean them. Use a nail file to file down any sharp edges, i was fortunate enough to only have to do that twice in all of the sets that i wore. Good luck and stick with it.

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