62 Years Old, Wanted to Fix my "Turkey Neck"

After consulting and looking for a solution for...

After consulting and looking for a solution for years, I finally went ahead with the procedure after finding
a board certified local doctor that seemed to have a lot of experience. The skin on my neck blistered and scabbed deeply. It is over 6 weeks since my surgery now and I have discoloration, bruising, and still an open wound on my neck. This has nothing to do with an incision. This outcome is not what I was told to expect. I asked about the recovery time on this site (back in Nov.) because a big family event is coming up in March. All the answering physicians said "you will be fine for the event by then, with a board certified physician". He's now prescribed an anti scar ointment for me to use and claims it will heal in time.


It has been six months since my surgery. I am very self conscious of the left side of my jaw/neck. It's uncomfortable to work out or be outdoors, since it is getting hot. I leave my hair down to cover the obvious scars and ugly keloids. They show even with heavy concealer make up. The right side has been satisfactory all along and actually what I had expected as my outcome. My doctor claims I am a "slow healer" and it should look good by the 1 year mark. I may investigate laser treatment with a highly skilled dermatologist in the next few months. My geologic location limits the medical practitioners that are available. At the 1 year mark I will rate my surgeon.
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Wow --- first thanks for sharing -- second I agree sometimes the ointments used cause more damage -- So if it had nothing to do with the surgery he did -- is it from the tape that was placed under your chin when healing?
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Another doctor said that tape was probably the cause. It has now been 4 months since surgery. I now have scars and large keltoids that I am treating with silicone strips and biocorneum ointment.
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