Horrible Procedure

I had already posted on this right after my...

I had already posted on this right after my surgery.  It has been 6 months now and it still looks horrible.  My hips (love handles) are uneven (crazy uneven)!  My inner thighs look like a shark took a bite out of them both.  I will try to get pictures to post on here.

I don't think that the problem was the procedure itself.  It was the doctor.....now I find out that this doctor screwed up several patients while working at this particular medspa and they are saying that they will have their new doctor fix things.

Like I said before, I wish that I had found this site prior to my surgery.  Especially the information on the doctor.

http://www.abms.org/ Please call 1-866-275-2267 to see if your surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Give them the name of your surgeon and they will tell you if and when he or she was certified. Certification by other boards does not give you the same protection. Other boards have less strict criteria for certification and some require only a fee. Doctor's can buy the machines and take a eight hour one time course and perform this procedures! Be careful who you go too. You may also want to call the local hospital and ask the Medical Staff Office secretary whether your surgeon has privileges to perform the proposed procedures in the hospital. At the present time there are few local, state or federal laws requiring office-based operation rooms to be certified. Any physician may perform any procedure in an office as long as basic fire and safety codes are met. Unfortunately, tragic consequences have occurred because of faulty equipment, lack of trained personnel and inadequate emergency equipment. As a result, there will most likely be requirements imposed in th futrue, but for now certification is purely voluntary. The anesthesia options. When you are heavily sedated or have general anesthesia, you put your life in someone else's hands. Much of that responsibility falls to the person administering the medications and monitoring your vital signs. You need to know the qualifications of the person assuming that responsibility. Their training can range from specialization after earning a medical degree (anesthesiologists) to specialization after nursing training (nurse anesthetists) to nursing training only. If using general anesthesia chose to use board-certified anesthesiologists for monitored anesthesia care. I have been meaning to post my heavy reseach on this botched office procedures to consumers. Please visit www.gawleyplasticsurgery.com and watch the video. Three patients have died from a botched clinic in Arizona. Please do your research before jumping into something that sounds like a quick fix to problematic areas of your body. Please use surgery has your last resort. Underlining tissue in the dermis will be damaged. It states in most pre-op warnings (the ones the doctor will give you) that Smartlipo, Vaser and lipo only damage minimal underlining tissue. Minimal? I hope this information educates your needs. GudyNuf
I am considering the Vaser Lipo .. please advise how can I find if the Doctor I choice is Plastic Surgeon Board Certified
My son and his wife are having this surgery tommorrow morning. I have tried to research complications and doctors credentials to no avail. Their doctor is board certified in family practice but not in plastic surgery. I am very worried. Can anyone give me a link or site to find doctors history? Thankyou
Dr. Robert Julian Gershon, Jr.

This doctor is a D.O. and specializes in sports medicine. What made anyone think that he neede to be allowed to do what is essentially cosmetic surgery is beyond me. DO NOT USE THIS MAN. Even if he agreed to fix the problem, I would not let him touch me.

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