Pig-like Nose with Heavy Swelling in the Columella After Rhinoplasty

My nose drooped very low covering most of my upper...

My nose drooped very low covering most of my upper lip and the hanging columella was very visible from the profile. i'LL Have to wait til the swelling goes down to know if it was worth it or if i'll need another to rotate the tip back down

Updated on Dec 7, 2009
Experience was as expected. The surgical staff were great. I was was groggy afterwards. The swelling it a lot more than i expected. I am not sure of my satisfaction until the swelling has gone down.

I had a rhinoplasty yesterday to rotate the tip of my nose which drooped a lot and to bring up the hanging columella. The problem is now it looks sort of piggy and sits too high in profile. I also had the little muscle in m y pip cut so the upper lip is also swollen. When The swelling goes down, will the tip of my nose drop down some?
honestly its the bandaging too! i swear i thought mine looked really upturned too and when the split came off it looked a lot more natural
From what i can see,looks like you have a perfect beautiful nose!!!! I wish mine turned out like yours!! :)
Aloha, I live in Hawaii too and am looking for a good plastic surgeon for my rhinoplasty. I have seen 3 so far, 2 were out of questions right away and the 3rf one could be good but I am scared to make the wrong decision. Would you mind sharing the name of your surgeon? I also think that your nose looks pretty good from the pictures. How is it now? Thanks
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