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Droop. Bulge. Watery Eyes - Honolulu, HI

Went in for botox but was convinced to try dysport...

went in for botox but was convinced to try dysport. Had read about it, my doc said she used it too. Funny enough she came in with watery eyes.

My eyes are watery, bulge underneath, I can't sneeze without looking ridiculous....seriously. My sinuses are worse. I look worse not better.

Well the Clariton D did not work. It;s been a month now and my eyes are tearing just as bad as when they started. I would not recommend this product and will not return to Medspa 29. I have not received any follow up calls from them either so I really don't think they care if I go blind or not. I am hugely disappointed.
I have been getting Botox for years. had Dysport (recommended by my regular Botox Dr.) about 30 minutes later my eyes starting watering and have not stopped watering since. It's a week later now and I went back today to have the Dr. take a look and he said to take Clariton D. We'll see if it helps.

Hi honolulu5598,

Welcome to the community. Did you go in early for your procedure, you said it was scheduled for January first? How long has it been since you had the injections? I'm told it takes a bit before you see full results. Please keep us updated. Thanks for the review.



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