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Serious Bruise on my Left Eye After Sculptra - Hong Kong

I have my scupltra injected just yesterday and I...

I have my scupltra injected just yesterday and I found my left eye getting more bruise while left cheek got more swollen. How much longer I can get to normal? I am afraid of next injection....


Should I stop massaging coz I find I bruise all over my face when there's an injection made?
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hi, how is your face now? I am considering getting the injection, and wonder if I should not.

Hi 1000, 

According to other community members it can take a few weeks to see full results IE no bruising or swelling. However, a similar question was asked in our doctor Q&A about recommended downtime and what to expect. I think the answers will be of use to you. Please keep us updated on how everything progresses. 

Thanks and enjoy your weekend! 


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