I Want to Get Rid Horrible Mistake

So i got this hideous tattoo a couple months ago...

So i got this hideous tattoo a couple months ago and now I hate mu self for doing so and not thinking it through. Nobody knows about this just my boyfriend and he encourages me to get rid of it sense he wasnt happy with me getting one on the fist place. Last week i drove 2 hours to the only place in Puerto Rico where they do laser treatment and paid $50 for a 1 min consult to be told that at 18 im still a minor and need a parental consent. I was furious I work and I would be able to pay my sessions but now Im stuck with this until im 21 because this will kill mu father if he ever found out that his little girl has a tattoo. Im planning on starting TCA 50% next week, I just hope it works


aloha yeliii...we all make mistakes and yes it was unfair that the clinic did not advise you earlier that you would need to be 21 to undergo sessions...but please investigate TCS thoroughly. Knowing that tattoo ink sits below the skin surface and TCA work on lighting the skin, the ink will not be affected. I use cover makeup,DERMABLEND, and have wonderful success. I am also undergoing laser removal and it's expensive. Also wonderful bracelets are an option, I use them frequently. Good luck and know that your father loves you for who you are, mistakes and all.
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Hi, first off, don't hate yourself, the tattoo is also not hideous, it's just a small tattoo, hard to tell by the picture, but it seems like it's done fine, looks like it's on your arm. People are so afraid of tattoos...so many people have them, I am going through removal of a large tattoo...but only cuz it was done very poorly...otherwise I wouldn't care what other people thought or had to say. No one has the right to tell you what to do with your body...as for removal...not sure why they can't start that at the age of 18, maybe call another clinic. If you really want it gone, tell you mom, what's the worse that can happen,  she gets upset for a few hours, and supports the removal. Why hide, we all make mistakes. If you start now, by the time your 21 it will be gone. Don't beat yourself up....gosh probably some tattoo cover up makeup will hide it very well if you don't  want to show it.
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So I finally had the courage to tell my dad. It...

So I finally had the courage to tell my dad. It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be... Thank God. We are going to make an appointment to start laser treatments as soon as possible. I feel so relieved and cant wait to start this prosses. Hope it doesnt take many session. From what the doc. told me in the orientation I have in favor that its black and pretty recent.


aloha Yeliii, I'm so glad that you finally told your papa. And he understands, he loves you. We all make mistakes, he understands this, he may not like it but he loves you. I hope you are able to start laser removal soon. Since you mention you have to wait until you're 21, can you go earlier with parental consent? Yes, removing/fading black recent ink is more promising than colours. Are you still thinking of TCA removal? I would suggest that you wait on that, be patient and look into laser removal that has more promising results. Good luck and keep us posted. All of us with ink regret support each other and we're here for you. Again congrats on telling your papa. aloha...k
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Hey yessss I can now start laser as soon a posaible with parental consent :D My dad has agreed to go with me to the doctors office and get all the papers signed. I cant eait to start seeing results and get this passed me. But let me tell you I feel alot better now that I not hiding it from my dad :)
Dads are the best! Good luck with the removal :)
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