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I decided to perform my first peel today. I did a...

I decided to perform my first peel today. I did a spot treatment when I received the kit as per the instructions. During this trial, I did not notice any major discomfort or changes that indicated that I would need to be alarmed. One week later (today), I mustered the courage to go ahead and give it a whirl... to my surprise, the burning was somewhat unbearable. I attempted to fan for approx. one minute before I bailed and rinse the peel off. It was my intention to apply two layers, but I didn't make it to that stage. My skin is now tight and shiny, but the burning has completely subsided (thank goodness). Can anyone offer advice about alleviating this discomfort. I tried using a blow dryer on cool but it was pointless. I even stuck my head in the freezer, but that did not stop the burning either! I would like to attempt to do the peel again, the right way so that I can achieve the best results, I have done a lot of research but this was far more burning than I had ever expected. Please help!


Personally I'm of the mindset that your body will tell you what it can tolerate. If the burning was too much for you, it might have been a good thing that you decided to stop. You might already be planning this, but its probably a good idea to let your skin recover from the peel (even if it wasn't as deep as you wanted) before trying another round.

You might also consider going to have the peels done at a board certified dermatologists office so you can have someone with experience in what to look for watching over your skin, then you would know if the burning is something you should push through or a sign you should be rinsing the peel off.

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