DIY Jessner's Peel- Take Your Time, Slower Can Be Better

I do a very light Jessner's peel once every two...

I do a very light Jessner's peel once every two months to keep acne under control and keep my skin texture smooth. I don't let me skin frost- single layer on most of my face except my nose and forehead gets 2 layers. I follow with an LED treatment once daily and use Copper Peptide Serum twice daily with a bit of camellia oil for my under eye/cheek area. I'll use a SPF100 if I need to go out. I'll barely peel, and I'll start back on Retin-A after a few days when most of the flaking is done (at this level, I just flake).


Hi I was wondering if you can tell me what to purchase and where to purchase it. Like the LED treatment and the copper peptide serum?
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It sounds like you have worked out a good system for yourself! I'm glad to hear you are putting on a high SPF and protecting your skin since you are doing the peels and Retin-a. I'm not sure if you are at an age where its a concern or not, but do you feel the peels help with fine lines as well as acne?

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