DIY Jessner's Peel- Take Your Time, Slower Can Be Better

I do a very light Jessner's peel once every two...

I do a very light Jessner's peel once every two months to keep acne under control and keep my skin texture smooth. I don't let me skin frost- single layer on most of my face except my nose and forehead gets 2 layers. I follow with an LED treatment once daily and use Copper Peptide Serum twice daily with a bit of camellia oil for my under eye/cheek area. I'll use a SPF100 if I need to go out. I'll barely peel, and I'll start back on Retin-A after a few days when most of the flaking is done (at this level, I just flake).
Hi I was wondering if you can tell me what to purchase and where to purchase it. Like the LED treatment and the copper peptide serum?

It sounds like you have worked out a good system for yourself! I'm glad to hear you are putting on a high SPF and protecting your skin since you are doing the peels and Retin-a. I'm not sure if you are at an age where its a concern or not, but do you feel the peels help with fine lines as well as acne?

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