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My motivation behind the chemical peel was to get...

My motivation behind the chemical peel was to get a more even tone skin.. this is yet to be seen I have had a chemical peel before a couple years ago..it was great I decide to do at home to you because I don't want to spend so much money.. I ordered from skin obsession I received a 40 percent glycolic peel there was stinging during application. whis is normal..and the day after is just a little itching..that's about it I don't see anything yet maybe by the weekend I'll see some skin peeling.. If I don't then I'll try it one more time and then after that I'll get a 20 percent TCA
Be careful. I had a Jessners by a beautician , only 1 layer but now have significant hyperpigmentation all over 1 week later that I am stuck with for at least 8 weeks. It isn't worth it..
TCAs are very agreesive and the strongest of all peels. So, I personally would dive directly into doing a 20% TCA. It's not the best idea for indivials w/ darker skin tones (...like...African-Americans/Black races, Latinos, Indians, and some Asian skin tones), because if you're not careful it could cause hyper-pigmentation and even scaring. I recommend you rather start at a lower percent by performing a 12.5 % or 15% TCA. Newbies...are generally recommended to start at 8% or 12%. When I did my first at-home TCA I chose the 12.5%...then, I performed a 15% and layered it. My face did not frost at 12.5% and some acne scars dimenished. However, the 15% was very aggressive for my skin especially since I layered it for five minutes per layer. And, to be honest, I should have only layered it for 3-4 minutes, because I frosted really bad in the sensitive areas of my face which left light scaring for a few days...and I don't mean dead skin. The skin eventually peeled off and left light patches where my skin was more sensitive. So, I had to then fix that issue. I was successful, but it extended my healing process by an extra two or three days.
Sorry, for all the misspellings. I didn't review my message until after I posted. But, at any rate, I don't think it's a very good idea to dive directly into performing a 20% TCA peel. Be patient and start lower. Best...Dee (;

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